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Economic development of regions serves to improvement of people’s well-being. 1

Investments. 4

At the Tudakul reservoir in the Kyzyltepa district of Navoi region, the joint venture Aqua-Tudakul has built an incubation shop for the cultivation of fish fry on the basis of Vietnamese technology. 4

International relationships. 4

Meeting with Special Envoy of the European Union for Afghanistan. 4

The Minister of Defense of Uzbekistan received military delegation of Kyrgyzstan. 5

Society.. 5

Stereotypes Our Biggest Foe. 5

AN International conference on “The role of youth in preventing and countering violent extremism and radicalization that lead to terrorism”. 8

International cooperation on youth issues. 8


Tourist Registration Simplified. 9



Economic development of regions serves to improvement of people’s well-being

On June 12, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrived in Fergana region to become familiar with construction activities, major projects, as well as to conduct dialogue with people.

Within the framework of the investment program for Fergana region, implementation of 285 projects is planned for 2018, of which 35 have been completed so far. There are 212 joint ventures in the region, 45 enterprises with foreign capital were registered this year.

Prospective projects implemented in “Kokand” free economic zone, created at the initiative of the President, also play an important role in improving the well-being of the population.

As previously reported, the Head of the state became familiar with activities of LLC “Fargona anorchilik” in Kuva district and LLC “Narimteks” in the city of Margilan, as well as with investment projects to be implemented in Fergana region. Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Writers’ park in the city of Margilan, as well as “Ismoil Nozim obod” farm and “Smart Kids” preschool education institution in Altiarik district, talked with labor veterans in “Nuroniylar maskani” complex.

On the same day, a meeting with participation of the region’s activists was held in Altiarik district. Issues of development of the region’s economy, improvement of the spheres of agriculture, education and healthcare, ensuring employment of the population were discussed at the meeting.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s trip to Fergana region continues.

* * *

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev during his trip to Fergana region got acquainted with activities of “Fargona anorchilik” agricultural company in Kuva district.

Agriculture of Uzbekistan is diversified on the basis of market demand and income of dehkans. The recently established enterprise “Fargona anorchilik” also serves this purpose.

The agricultural company, which occupies more than 300 hectares of area, specializes in growing pomegranate, storing and exporting the crop. At present, more than 272 thousand pomegranate bushes of about 15 varieties have been planted on 289 hectares of land. About 500 people are employed. Until 2025, it is planned to increase the area of pomegranate plantation to 2 thousand hectares. It is expected to collect 10 thousand tons of products.

The Head of the state examined this pomegranate garden.

“High results can be achieved by carefully cultivating the land, growing crops and caring for them wisely. It is necessary to think in advance: where to sell products, how to get more income than invested labor and money. A scientific approach is necessary for this above all. Who will study the demand in the market, introduce modern knowledge, ensure yield and product quality? Personnel. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to training specialists on pomegranate production”, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The need for organizing a Research Center on Pomegranate, a corresponding department at Fergana State University, development of genetic technologies in cooperation with the Ministry of Innovative Development was noted.

Instructions were given on creating a brand of Uzbek pomegranate, bringing the area of pomegranate gardens of Fergana region to 20 thousand hectares in the coming years, expanding the harvesting of seedlings, developing boneless varieties of pomegranate.

* * *

The President of Uzbekistan, during his visit to Kuva district, got acquainted with projects on development of agriculture in Fergana region.

Responsible persons were given appropriate instructions on the submitted projects for development of poultry, fish farming, beekeeping, livestock, camel breeding, potato growing, lemon production, organization of an agro-logistics center, land measurement, rational use of water and other projects.

These directions of agriculture are the basis of prosperity of our people. Our goal is to make food products more affordable by expanding production of products. So that people at current incomes could live contentedly and happily, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The President spoke with entrepreneurs and specialists. Instructions were given on increasing the volume of harvesting agricultural products, organizing qualitative work on their storage, packaging and delivery to consumers.

* * *

Products of LLC Narimteks, operating in the city of Margilan, are of high quality and pleasant design.

The enterprise is equipped with modern technologies, constant activity is carried out on further increasing exports.

The team, which has started the work in 2008, initially used ordinary sewing machines. Thanks to privileges and preferences created in the country for entrepreneurs, the possibilities of the company have expanded. In 2012-2015, modernization of production was carried out in cooperation with Chinese partners, modern equipment for cutting, finishing and sewing was installed. As a result, the team has mastered the production of coats, jackets, suits, has gained a strong position in the consumer market. New jobs have been created.

Last year the enterprise exported products for 632 thousand USD. This year it is planned to bring the figure to 801 thousand dollars.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the technological process, talked with seamstresses.

– Culture of clothes is an important indicator of women’s well-being. A woman will have a good mood when the dress suits her well. Such a beautiful, clothing corresponding to our mentality speaks a lot about those who wear it. We are ready to create all conditions for development of this direction. After all, to make women happy is a priority for our state, – said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The President noted the need for attracting advanced technologies, continuous improvement of skills of employees so that products would be sold well in the domestic and foreign markets.

Here the Head of the state got acquainted with the economic development programs of the region, in particular, with projects of organizing small industrial zones in the cities of Margilan, Fergana, Kuvasay and Kokand, as well as in Dangara district.

* * *

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with investment projects that will be implemented in Fergana region.

An investment hub is being created in the region for directly attracting foreign investment. It is planned to attract more than 161 million dollars through the permanent offices of the hub abroad, domestic business people and entrepreneurs from sister cities. These funds will be used to open new enterprises and modernize existing ones, create more than 2.7 thousand jobs. In addition, the investment hub will work in close interaction with the free economic zones and innovative centers of the region.

The President of the country instructed responsible persons to finalize this system, organize similar hubs in other regions of the country, increase the number of economically sustainable enterprises.

Presentation of projects on attraction of investments into industrial enterprises of the region, effective use of empty buildings, supporting innovative developments of youth took place here.

* * *

The Head of the state during his last year’s trip to Fergana region gave instructions on organization of Writers’ Park in Margilan. In accordance with this, construction and landscaping activities have been carried out here. The area of the existing Park of Culture and Recreation has been expanded, decorative trees have been planted, green areas and flower beds have been organized. A monument to People’s Poet of Uzbekistan Erkin Vakhidov has been erected in the center of the Park.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Park and laid flowers at the monument to Erkin Vakhidov.

At the meeting with family members of the poet, writers and artists, the need for studying and bringing poet’s creativity to youth, creating songs on his poems was noted.

The Park also includes Erkin Vakhidov Memorial Museum, a boarding school for young writers, building of the regional department of Writers’ Union, an amphitheater for 2 thousand seats and a leisure center for elderly.

The Head of the state inspected exhibits in the museum, noted that this place should serve as a strong center of spirituality, it is necessary to bring here students, young poets and writers.

The President talked with labor veterans at leisure center for elderly.

* * *

The President of Uzbekistan visited “Ismoil Nozim obod” farm in Altiarik district, where, on the example of this farm, he got acquainted with the work on increasing cotton and grain crops, planting repeated crops, in Fergana region.

“Ismoil Nozim obod” farm, organized in 2006, cultivates 60 hectares of land. As a result of opportunities created in agriculture, organized work on supplying farms with fuel and lubricants and mineral fertilizers, this year it is expected to collect 85-90 centners of wheat per hectare from 30 hectares of wheat fields. In addition, the farm grows cotton of Namangan-77 variety on 30 hectares.

The Head of the state has examined the cotton field, got acquainted with the progress of harvesting grain. He talked with farmers of the region about harvesting without losses, sowing repeated crops on the areas that had been cleared of wheat.

It was noted that this year, which is difficult for agriculture, the farmers face urgent tasks on rational use of water, proper placement of repeated crops, increasing yields, improving quality of seeds, responsible officials were given relevant instructions.

* * *

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited “Smart kids” preschool education institution in Kapchigoy makhalla of Altiarik district.

The kindergarten, organized under public-private partnership, is designed for 210 children. It is equipped with educational toys and modern equipment. There are 38 such modern preschool education institutions in Fergana region.

Presentation of the Electronic Integrated Monitoring System, which is now being implemented in the system of pre-school education, was held here. This system will collect data on the state of health, development, achievement of each child from the birth to adulthood, countrywide. It will also contain information on educators, kindergartens and the need for them.

– This system will become a mirror of the state of upbringing and education, – said Shavkat Mirziyoyev. – Analyzing the data of the system, we will be able to understand what needs to be paid attention in educational work. Our children deserve the best modern conditions.

The President gave instructions on formation of the system database, its application in the next stages of education.

 (Source: UzA)


At the Tudakul reservoir in the Kyzyltepa district of Navoi region, the joint venture Aqua-Tudakul has built an incubation shop for the cultivation of fish fry on the basis of Vietnamese technology

The joint venture, created by the Uzbek company Shams-Navoiy from Navoi and the American CASEF, plays an important role in the development of fish farming in the region. Currently, the company is working on the adaptation of the existing building for the processing of 1,000 tons of fish per year.

During his trip to the region on March 2 this year, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev drew attention to the need for accelerated development of fish farming, the effective use of natural reservoirs for this purpose, and also dwelt on the shortcomings in this industry.

In particular, the work on the development of fish farming in the Aidar-Arnasai lake system, the streamlining of the use of these basins, the cessation of illegal fishing, and the sluggishness of the responsible persons in the organization of the incubation workshops were criticized. For a positive solution of issues, a corresponding resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers was adopted. In accordance with it, the State Tax Committee will create the State Unitary Enterprise “Directorate of the Aidar-Arnasai Lake System”. In the lake basins across regions of our country, 14 sites for fish farming are allocated.

Today, in the part of Aidarkul, which is assigned to the Navoi region, 5 farms operate in the field of fish farming. As a result of effective use of the Tudakul Lake located in the channel of the Zarafshan River, export-oriented fish products are cultivated.

The joint venture is completing the construction of a warehouse with a 250-ton refrigerator, installing a technological line brought from abroad. There are workshops for the production of 400 tons of fish fillets, 350 tons of semi-finished products, as well as fish cutlets. The company’s products are exported mainly to Turkey, Russia and Ukraine. The most important thing is that 100 people are employed.

“Joint work with Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese specialists is there to boost productivity,” says director general Sh. Jamolov. “Also, with the purpose of studying advanced and more efficient technologies, our specialists have been enriching their experience abroad. Due to the measures taken, the catch and harvesting of fish has grown two-fold.”

In the current year, it is planned to produce 20-22 million young fish in the hatchery shops of the enterprise, and 20 million fingerlings naturally in 40 closed-type pools.

“At the Tudakul reservoir we have been cooperating with the joint venture since 2002,” says Ofer Berzak, manager of the Israeli company Galidi. “In the future we are going to implement a number of projects on fish farming in Aidarkul. And crucially, fish processing and conservation are carried out right here, on the spot. This indicates that fish farming in the Navoi region rises to a new level.”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

International relationships

Meeting with Special Envoy of the European Union for Afghanistan

On June 12, 2018, the Special Representative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Afghanistan Ismatulla Irgashev met with the European Union Special Envoy for Afghanistan Roland Kobia, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At the meeting, views were exchanged on the situation in Afghanistan and the surrounding region.

The sides noted that the region received with optimism the reports that the central authorities of Afghanistan and the Taliban agreed for the first time since 2001 to introduce a three-day ceasefire and armistice regime for the period of Eid al-Fitr/Uraza-Bayram holiday, which could lead to positive changes in the peace process in the country.

The interlocutors discussed issues of cooperation within the framework of implementation of the Tashkent Declaration, adopted on March 27 at the representative international conference on Afghanistan “Peace process, security cooperation and regional connectivity.”

(Source: Web-site of the MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan)

The Minister of Defense of Uzbekistan received military delegation of Kyrgyzstan

The Minister of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdusalom Azizov received a military delegation led by the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic Rayimberdi Duishenbiev.

At the meeting, the current state and prospects of cooperation in defense sphere, issues of strengthening relations in military direction were discussed. It was noted that the current task is to ensure security in Central Asian region.

Uzbekistan pays special attention to strengthening friendly relations with neighboring Kyrgyzstan. Development of partnership between the two countries plays an important role in ensuring security and stability in Central Asia.

The parties signed an Action Plan on strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation in defense sphere between the military departments of the two countries for 2018.

The guests got acquainted with the process of training, retraining and advanced training of military personnel in the Academy of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

(Source: UzA)


Stereotypes Our Biggest Foe

The reforms underway in our country will hardly bring about expected effects unless our mindset and psychology change. The biggest enemy of innovations in our society is our stereotypes, psychological barriers, stagnation in our minds.

The reforms carried out by the head of our state face a number of obstacles, beginning with the incompetence of leading cadres, the adaptation of the average citizen to the new realities of modern times, the backwardness of the business establishment from the intensity of economic transformation.

These reforms are carried out by our President at an accelerated pace. We all see that they began to give results, although sometimes they seem inconspicuous. However, in bringing the true essence of reforms to the population, promoting people’s adaptation to market relations, changing the consciousness of our compatriots, there are many shortcomings.

For example, who is to blame for the slow implementation of health reforms, despite the harsh criticism of the head of state? What are the reasons for the low level of the educational system? Discussing and looking for the guilty can be endless, but the biggest cause of these problems is the public consciousness, which is considered a factor determining the prosperity of society.

Until the consciousness of members of society changes, it will be difficult to get effects from the reforms that have been initiated, no matter how deeply they are thought out and implemented. Thus, the issues of public consciousness and ideology are one of the most critical.

In this regard, I would like to talk about our shortcomings. Among them is hypocrisy and sycophancy. To date, the place of constructive communication about changes, reforms, problems in the society took a vain talk at meetings, sessions, in telecasts. And that talk’s ‘pace’ is increasing day by day.

Underdevelopment did not begin from the first days of independence and not even in the times of the Soviet system - its roots rest too far away. We read a lot about the fact that most of the great countries that arose on our land came to destruction because courtiers and officials, instead of performing their tasks, competed in sycophancy, praise and intrigue, thereby leading the ruler into a deep delusion and alienated him from the true state of affairs. Abdullah Kadiri once said: “It is a good thing when starting a new undertaking you look back at the past”. He meant the ability to draw conclusions from past mistakes, and not to repeat them! Unfortunately, these blunders of the past are again reviving today, old flaws, soaked up a long time ago, come to life.

The most terrible toadying is the sycophancy of the intelligentsia. Because it sometimes led the country to the abyss. Last year, at the meeting of Shavkat Mirziyoyev with representatives of literature, the media, art and culture, the intellectuals raised mainly material issues. Fortunately, the President himself mentioned the pressing problems of this sphere. It is noteworthy that representatives of the intelligentsia did not express any constructive opinion. Typical and empty phrases were voiced, such as this: “That’s it, we’ve ripen. Now we will work from the heart and justify your trust!” That was it if we do not take into account the only relevant quotation of Amir Temur, which was expressed by one poetess.

The same empty answers were given by representatives of political parties and parliamentarians in response to criticism of the President, sounded at a meeting with them, which took place not long before. None of them dared to say: I am resigning because I haven’t been able to justify the confidence entrusted on me, forgive me, my people!

Deputies and senators, scientists, representatives of culture and art during their meetings with the head of state did not express their opinion on issues concerning the fate of the state, acute problems that were waiting for solution, preventing dangers, and did not even try to answer the challenges of our time.

The only memorable problem that was discussed at these meetings was the discussion of weddings. Since then, this topic is thoroughly chewed in the media and social networks. Is there really no other important topic in Uzbek statehood at a time when the scent of a third world war is blowing around the world?

The President organized those meetings in order to listen to the voice of the intellectuals, to get their opinion on urgent issues, have concrete proposals for consolidating the reforms. Unfortunately, the participants in these meetings talked about trifles, mostly praised and admired. And to the questions raised by the President, who did not get a single efficient proposal from them, they limited themselves to stereotyped phrases like “Let’s do it!” and “Good idea!” It’s no surprise that the head of state was, apparently, disappointed. Fortunately, the literary critic Shuhrat Rizaev, who did not manage to get a word at the meeting, published his ideas and thoughts on issues that really concern the nation in a remarkable article.

Another flaw that pulls back progress is... tact. Yes, yes, it is this very concept, which in the original has a positive color that has changed its essence for years. To date, we began to engage in self-deception, not calling injustice by its name, silently passing by the wrong, without showing a resolute attitude against rudeness and tactlessness, embarrassed to express their opinion in an acute situation. And call it tactful. We have also found the spiritual justification for indecision, cowardice, irresponsibility, justifying ourselves that we are tactful, and we continue to believe in our own lies.

By the way, about self-deception. This is the greatest betrayal. Not only of the person to him or herself, but the whole nation. Because the crowd that lies to itself, turns its lies into a cult. It builds idols out of its lies and begins to worship them. These idols lead the nation to degradation!

And the attitude to religion, and the problems of raising the culture of reading among the masses, and the wedding traditions, and much more - this is just a tip of an iceberg. If we continue to struggle with the consequences, and not with the causes, we will suffer the same fate as the warrior fighting the shadow, who could barely defeat her.

What should we do to avoid this?

First of all, we must give up lying! I have said and written about this many times, but I do not get tired of repeating my point of view again and again. Thus, the economic miracle of Singapore, which serves as an example to many in the sphere of public administration, was initiated precisely from this step. To stop self-deception and make truth a priority.

Concluding an employment contract for five working days, and then forcing the employee to work six days, and at the same time giving him a five-day salary, is a fraud! To go to work every day, sitting from 9 to 6, and not setting a high goal, is a fraud! Thoughts about the great future of a country, where the standing and social status of the teacher, doctor, pensioner are low, is a deception!

The statement that the problems not covered by the education and work of youth can be solved through conferences, gala concerts, festivals, is a fraud! “Selflessness” of officials who do not know what to do until they are prompted by the head of state or if they are instructed from above is deceptive!

One of the main steps towards building a strong society and a stable state is the consolidation of moral standards. They have educational and restrictive properties. Tandem of these two qualities gives rise to morality, ethics, decency. Moral foundations educate a person, protect him from the bad. And do we? More often than not, moral standards only bring up. And as for the restrictive function, unfortunately...

Night clubs, mini skirts, tight trousers, tobacco and alcohol, lack of interest in reading - all this we consider to be negative factors, but we do not limit them to the legislative level. I would like to stress that this is a restriction, not a ban! In the modern state, it is inconceivable for the mind to close night clubs, to ban the sale of tobacco products and spirits. But the lack of adaptation mechanisms for their regulation is nonsense!

After all, in many foreign countries, there is a practice of not allowing persons under 25 years of age to enter night clubs, prohibiting the sale of tobacco products and alcoholic drinks to persons younger than this age, and other restrictions.

There are many countries in the world that faced our current problems much earlier. What prevents us from implementing the solutions to which they came by trial and error?

One of the biggest concepts that harm progress is the notion that poverty is not a vice. This is far from the case, it is a vice today. Rather, to put up with it, not to fight it – is a vice. Each of us must take measures to get rid of poverty and scarcity. You cannot be poor at least in order to become useful for our Motherland. We must fight poverty in order to prevent betrayal of her. It is necessary to struggle not only with the material, but also the spiritual poverty. Do you know who betrays the Motherland? The answer is: spiritually poor people...

Poverty is the books collected on beautiful shelves, but never read. It is newspapers, cut and put in toilets. It is rubbish thrown out of the car window. It is a table intended for four people, but stuffed with meals enough for ten. It is the conversations where spirituality is ridiculed, and the material is exalted. Poverty is charity not given to the needy, it is the chapans worn by the rich. It is not the torment of hunger, but the pride of satiety. It is satiety in the womb and emptiness in the mind.

Poverty is the heart in the coffin of luxury...

We all know that perfection is a harmony of form and substance. Until we achieve this, we cannot become happy. We will not achieve our goal. Remember the most important of the seven known testaments of Jaloliddin Rumi: “Either be as we see you, or see it as it is!”

Today many in our country, and above all officials, are engaged in praising the Strategy of Actions. But the practical work on its positive impact on the person from that, the most distant village is very small. Even agitation among veterans, among the working population is very weak. It seems that the Strategy was adopted only for Tashkent and other major cities.

And at the end of the year or at the end of the five-year plan these same officials will come before the President and give an excellent account of the fact that so many houses, so many bridges have been built, and social protection of the population has been strengthened. But these beautiful reports will not reflect the reasons why the blood of simple, industrious rural women did not increase the level of hemoglobin, why iodine deficiency in children did not decrease; there will be no word that not every child has the opportunity every morning to eat milk porridge, sausage, butter.

Maybe someone hopes that the head of state will not ask these questions? In vain! The President will necessarily ask about everything. Because he is not afraid to call a thief a thief, and the honest as honest. He will not rest until the Strategy of Actions changes for the better the life of a simple rural worker.

Behind all these topical issues are issues of national consciousness and ideology. Life convinces us that a new ideology is needed today. We need to put our skullcaps aside and think seriously about what kind of ideology we need. This is a very difficult choice. After all, the period in which we live is complicated.

Let us look at the world from the cosmic point: mankind builds tall buildings, but has superficial patience; our roads are wide, but our thinking is narrow; spend a lot, but dispose of a little; we build large houses, and our families are reduced; we have many conditions to facilitate life, but we do not have time; we are leading in science, but our intellect is weakening; we have a high level of medicine, and our health is not in the best condition.

We talk a lot, but we do not think much. And we smile a little. We watch TV a lot, we argue a lot, but we do not read much, we do not pray very much. Day by day, we expand the range of our interests, but the range of our values is narrowing every hour. Why does hatred grow in us, and the love of life fade away? We are generous in anger and mean in caress. We are able to fight for life, but we do not know how to live. We add years to a person’s life, but we cannot give life to years.

We coped with the conquest of the space, but are indifferent to the problems of the neighbor. We clean the atmosphere, and the pollution of the soul is not eliminated. They could subordinate an atom to their will, but they could not cope with their greed. We write a lot, but we do not study much. We learned to hurry and forgot what it’s like to wait. Self-interest in us has increased, and feelings have decreased. We create new varieties of flowers, and our feelings and sensations are outdated.

Today we live in an age of paradoxes – the age of big people, but of petty personalities, rapidly growing interests and complex relationships.

Without ideology, society will not exist effectively. And here there are several directions to opt for. Its complexity is that none of them is perfect. Each of them has negative consequences. Today we do not have a choice between the good and bad, what we have is only a choice between the bad and the less bad, between the harmful and the less harmful. But here we should not be mistaken; we must act deliberately, measure seven times before we cut it. The situation is complicated by the fact that we have little time. Very little…

Said-Abdulaziz YUSUPOV, member of the Advisory Council for the Development of Civil Society under the President of Uzbekistan

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

AN International conference on “The role of youth in preventing and countering violent extremism and radicalization that lead to terrorism”

International cooperation on youth issues

International conference on “The role of youth in preventing and countering violent extremism and radicalization that lead to terrorism” is being held in Tashkent. Delegation led by UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth Jayathma Wickramanayake, who arrived in Uzbekistan to participate in this conference, visited the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Guests were informed about the State Youth Policy implemented in Uzbekistan in accordance with the Action Strategy on five priority areas of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021. Members of the delegation got acquainted with activities of the Lower House of Parliament.

Guests particularly noted the Joint Appeal of the Heads of Member States to Youth, adopted at the meeting of the Council of Heads of States of Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Qingdao, at the initiative of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev. This is a clear evidence of serious approach of Uzbekistan to youth issues.

Legislative basis formed in Uzbekistan to ensure young people’s rights and interests, opportunities created for them were discussed at the meeting. Participants were provided with information on the established Commission on youth issues for enhancing the role of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis in implementation of reforms carried out in the field of state youth policy, on current activities of the commission.

* * *

On June 12, international conference on “The role of youth in preventing and countering violent extremism and radicalization that lead to terrorism” continued its work in the city of Samarkand.

The conference, organized by the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan jointly with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Project Co-ordinator in Uzbekistan and the United Nations, was attended by delegations of Afghanistan, China, Germany, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, foreign experts, as well as senators, deputies, activists of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan, scientists, representatives of the mass media.

Participants of the international conference first talked with representatives of the national cultural centers of the region, various religious confessions, got acquainted with their activities.

Then the conference continued its work on “The experience of Uzbekistan in interethnic and interreligious relations”.

It was noted that today people all over the world should act together in opposition to religious extremism and radicalism. It was emphasized that in preventing the entry of youth into the ranks of religious extremist movements, it is necessary to explain them the true significance of religion, raise their knowledge in this sphere. Particular attention was paid to activities carried out in Uzbekistan in this direction. In particular, views were exchanged on political and legal bases for countering violent extremism and radicalization that lead to terrorism, partnership of the state and civil society in this process, the experience of Uzbekistan in the sphere of interethnic and inter-confessional relations.

Participants of the international conference visited the Roman Catholic and Armenian Apostolic churches in the city of Samarkand. They also visited historical monuments, sacred places of the city.

Within the framework of the event in Mirzo Ulugbek madrasah in Registan complex, the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth Jayathma Wickramanayake met with Samarkand youth.

(Source: UzA)


Tourist Registration Simplified

To deliver an environment conducive for foreign tourists to visits Uzbekistan freely and at ease and simplify the procedure for registering with bodies of the interior, those arriving in the country now have the opportunity to independently register in the form of a notification using a specialized electronic automated program via the internet.

In accordance with new regulations, for foreign citizens on an independent journey, living in tent camps or land transport adapted to stay, within three days after their arrival in Uzbekistan, they will notify by self-filling in data with indication of settlements along the route through the mentioned program. In the meantime, independent tourists are responsible for registration in the order established by the legislation of Uzbekistan.

Meanwhile, travelers can apply to tourist information offices or nearby accommodation facilities. In this case, the administration of tourist information bureaus and accommodation facilities are required to send a notice to the internal affairs bodies with the completion of the data of independent foreign tourists on the basis of their application.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)



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