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President of Uzbekistan received the Director General of the State Corporation ROSATOM... 1


NBU signs agreement with the IBRD for US$50 million. 1

International relationships. 2

Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan and Russia. 2

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Positive Image of Uzbekistan and Its Leader 2

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Uzbekistan: Weathering the Impact of Climate Change. 3

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Uzbekistan Agrotech Expo and Agromash Expo exhibitions kick off in Tashkent 5




President of Uzbekistan received the Director General of the State Corporation ROSATOM

On May 30, 2018, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev received the Director General of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM Alexey Likhachev, who is in Uzbekistan on a working visit.

Welcoming the guest, the Head of the state noted with deep satisfaction the regular contacts at the highest level that contribute to consistent strengthening Uzbekistan – Russia strategic partnership and alliance, expansion of mutually beneficial multifaceted cooperation.

The trade turnover is dynamically growing, major projects in the field of investment, energy, industry, transport and other sectors are being jointly implemented, intensive inter-regional dialogue is being carried out, cultural and humanitarian exchanges have been intensified.

During the negotiations, special attention was paid to issues of development and deepening of long-term partnership in the field of science and high technologies, implementation of prospective projects, establishment of close cooperation between scientific research institutes and innovation centers of the two countries, including within the framework of the Intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the field of using atomic energy for peaceful purposes, signed last year.

The importance of organizing systematic work on training highly qualified specialists within the framework of joint programs and projects was emphasized.

The Director General of State Corporation ROSATOM Alexey Likhachev expressed his deep gratitude to the President of Uzbekistan for the cordial welcome, conveying sincere greetings and best wishes on behalf of the Russian Federation leadership.

The interest and readiness of the Russian side to further development of full-scale partnership and mutually beneficial scientific and technological cooperation in the energy sector in the interests of the two countries and people were emphasized.

(Source: UzA)


NBU signs agreement with the IBRD for US$50 million

The National Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of Uzbekistan and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development signed an agreement worth US$50 million for implementation of the project "Enhancing the Energy Efficiency of Industrial Enterprises".

The project envisages allocation of additional financing for large industrial enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises to invest in energy-saving technologies, as well as increase their energy efficiency potential through targeted technical assistance.

"Modernization of obsolete equipment and production processes is crucial for increasing the competitiveness of the country’s enterprises," the head of the World Bank in Uzbekistan, Mr. Hideki Mori said. "Energy efficiency helps to reduce the cost of operating and maintaining equipment, increasing productivity, and saving money by using less energy. It will also contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change. The World Bank is pleased to extend support to improve the energy efficiency of Uzbekistan’s industrial enterprises through the implementation of this project. "

It is expected that investments in the project will help to save 386 GW-hours of energy and reduce emissions to 799 thousand tons of carbon dioxide per year.

It should be noted that the project on improving energy efficiency is carried out within the framework of the program of borrowings provided by the World Bank, which was signed on 17 May 2018 during the official visit of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the United States.

(Source: UzDaily.com)

International relationships

Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan and Russia

On May 30, 2018, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdulaziz Kamilov, who is in Russia on a working visit, met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov within the framework of participation in “Primakov Readings” international forum, in Moscow.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan congratulated S.Lavrov on successful holding of forum, which has become one of the world’s recognized scientific-expert forums and dedicated to the memory of famous scientist-orientalist, prominent state and public figure of Russia, former Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Yevgeny Primakov.

The current range of issues of Uzbekistan – Russia agenda was discussed at the meeting. First of all, proposals on the agenda of the meeting of Presidents Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Vladimir Putin, scheduled for autumn in Tashkent, were considered.

The sides emphasized the special importance of further strengthening and development of bilateral relations of alliance and strategic partnership of the forthcoming state visit of the President of Russia to Uzbekistan, giving them a concrete and long-term character.

The Ministers also exchanged views on international and regional issues.

(Source: Web site of the MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


Positive Image of Uzbekistan and Its Leader

The substance and outcomes of the first official visit of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the United States are extensively discussed among experts and the general public.

The working program of a representative delegation of Uzbekistan that accompanied the head of our state to Washington was quite intensive and eventful. On his return, the First Deputy Chairman of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, Sodik Safoev, has shared his thoughts and reflections with journalists. Here’s what he said in particular.

“The analytical and political circles of the United States have referred to President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s visit as historic. There is every reason to apply this term. First and foremost, a significant stride was undertaken to promote the national interests of the Republic of Uzbekistan in relations with such an important partner.

“The US is one of the leading nations in the world with enormous lever on the political processes, security issues, economic development, and the activities of financial institutions like the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Thus, the agenda of bilateral talks had been worked out proceeding from this very fact. For instance, during a series of meetings and talks, Uzbekistan’s President raised the issue of funding from the international financial bodies, where the United States is instrumental, the construction of a railway line in Afghanistan. The project is of strategic importance not only for Afghanistan. Its implementation is capable of altering the geo-strategy and geo-economics of the entire Central Asia, and in addition, it can come to be one of the decisive factors in bringing in sustainable processes of peace and stability to Afghanistan. The American side, the executive bodies and economic institutions, voiced their unequivocal support for the project. If in the long term it is realized, it promises to be one of the most significant results of the official visit and the Uzbek-American summit meeting.

“The visit marked the emergence of a new Uzbekistan, a country that is respected in the whole modern world and has a positive image. A nation that is recognized today, including in the United States, as an equal partner. On the other hand, the events of the three days showed that the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has been acknowledged by the leading politicians of major powers as a prominent leader of the international scale, with whom they seek to establish personal contact.

“That was the attitude that we encountered in the US Congress. As you may know, the Congress plays a decisive role in policy issues; it wields great influence in the country. In the past, when we had to meet with US congressmen, those were, as a rule, difficult conversations, misunderstandings. But this time around, for the first time in many years, we saw the American congressmen, including senators, provide their highest acclaim of the reforms spearheaded in Uzbekistan, by citing fantastic growth rates and colossal shifts in democracy, human rights, free enterprise, economic enhancement, liberalization and improvement of the investment climate. By the way, these all used to be the very issues constituting what was called a stumbling block for unfolding full-scale relations with the United States.

“Congressman Trent Kelly, who led the delegation of US lawmakers on visit to our country last November, pointed out that tremendous progress has been conspicuous in the implementation of the most critical political, economic, social, and public reforms in Uzbekistan. That’s been the decisive factor that over the last year our relationship has progressed as far as it could not advance in the previous 25 years.

“Senator Orrin Hatch, Deputy Chairman of the US Senate, Chairman of the Finance Committee, stressed at the meeting that the upper house closely follows the reforms in Uzbekistan and welcomes them. He paid tribute to the courage and what he said the foresight of the new leader of Uzbekistan and the vision of the processes of political and economic modernization of the country.

“During the meetings in the US Congress, the sides discussed issues of enhancing the cooperation between the parliaments of the two countries. The President of Uzbekistan proposed setting up a so-called parliamentary caucus in the US Congress for the relations with Uzbekistan. That is a typical American term, implying a kind of cooperation group. It can become a mechanism for constant dialogue. And dialogue is always important not only for swapping views, mutual trust, but also for addressing practical issues. After all, many documents were signed during the visit, and their practical implementation largely depends on the representatives of the legislative branch of power.

“Surely, the visit of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the United States opened new horizons for cooperation, including in the sphere of inter-parliamentary relations.”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Uzbekistan: Weathering the Impact of Climate Change

In recent years, the climate on Earth has changed significantly, ocean levels are rising, glaciers are melting, and the nature of precipitation is changing.

Extreme weather conditions become more intense and frequent. The global climate change is caused not only by the change in weather indicators, but also by the fact that in the last 50 years, as a result of human activities, especially fossil fuel combustion, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have accumulated in the lower atmosphere in quantities sufficient for exposure on the climate.

Uzbekistan is among the countries most vulnerable to climate change. The increase in average annual air temperatures in the republic occurs against the background of natural variability, which causes significant inter-annual fluctuations. The rate of warming exceeds the average rates observed globally. Almost throughout the territory of our country there is a significant increase in air temperatures, which is above the average warming rate by 40%.

A vivid example of the harmful effects of ecosystem degradation is the tragedy of the Aral Sea. And today all the ongoing processes and phenomena in the Aral Sea region against the backdrop of global climate change on the whole planet are displayed in a double degree, manifesting much more rigidly, faster and more complexly. The Aral catastrophe exacerbated the climatic conditions in the region, mounting dryness and heat in the summer, extending the cold and harsh winters. In the Aral Sea region, the number of days with temperatures above 40 °C has doubled, for the rest of Uzbekistan - an average of one and a half times. The average rate of temperature growth across the nation amounted to 0.29 °C per decade, which is almost double the global rate of warming.

The environmental consequences of climate change have affected the changes in precipitation trends and, as a result, have increased the likelihood of the hazard of hydrological phenomena. According to forecasts of specialists, in 2030-2050, the air temperature in the region may increase by another 1.5-3 °C. The greatest increase in air temperature is expected in the Aral Sea area.

The problem of climate change, being today global and influencing all spheres of human life, requires immediate measures to prevent negative consequences and adaptation to new living conditions.

Uzbekistan, fulfilling the requirements of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, which it joined in 1998, consistently implements a national program coordinated with the course of the world community aimed at achieving global goals.

In our country, special attention is paid to the development of a national system for monitoring and stock taking of greenhouse gases. Practically in all branches of the economy and especially such as oil and gas, electric power, heat supply, industry and transport, as well as in agriculture, forestry and others, measures are being taken to realize the potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions that affect climate change.

In particular, measures are being implemented to actively use renewable energy sources aimed at securing the generation of industrial types of energy, such as electric and thermal energy, which will replace hydrocarbons and direct them to the production of highly liquid products, in particular polymers, synthetic fuels. A further development of the country’s hydropower potential is envisaged with the enhancement – by 2025 – of the capacities of ecologically clean hydropower of the nation by 1.7 times, expansion of the use of renewable energy sources.

The country has capitalized on the introduction of the best adaptation practices in the agricultural and water sectors. To this end, UNDP projects “Ensuring the climate resilience of farmers and dehkan farms located in arid regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan” and the World Bank “Program for adaptation and mitigation of climate change in the Aral Sea basin” are currently in progress.

In Uzbekistan, scientific research has been carried out to confirm the presence of climate risks for public health, assess the impact of meteorological parameters on the human body, its responses. The mechanisms of exacerbation of coronary heart disease, hypertension and cerebral vascular diseases in the arid zone were studied, characterized by a prolonged debilitating summer with severe thermal discomfort.

At the same time, our country intends to bolster measures and actions to combat climate change in order to achieve reduction of specific greenhouse gas emissions per unit of GDP by 10% by 2030 from the level of 2010. To adapt to climate change, Uzbekistan will also continue its efforts to reduce the risk of negative impacts of climate change on the sectors of the economy, the social sector and the Aral Sea area.

To this end, experts and scientists are invited to develop a special National Program for Adaptation to the Adverse Effects of Climate Change in Uzbekistan. The scheme should address the negative impacts of climate change on the water sector, public health, and on improving the sustainability of the healthcare sector.

In our opinion, in order to address issues related to climate risk management, the implementation of international and national adaptation projects to weather climate risks, it is essential to raise the volume of private investment, as well as investments attracted to the country by international donors and financial organizations.


(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Uzbekistan Agrotech Expo and Agromash Expo exhibitions kick off in Tashkent

Tashkent hosts the XIII International specialized exhibition-fair of modern equipment and technologies for agriculture "Uzbekistan Agrotech Expo – 2018" and VII International specialized exhibition of agricultural equipment and machinery "Uzbekistan Agromash Expo – 2018", at Uzexpocentre.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibitions, it was noted that systematic work on development of agriculture, food security, provision of services and mechanized services to agricultural producers is being carried out in Uzbekistan.

These exhibitions provide wide opportunities for production, supply and maintenance of agricultural machinery, as well as re-equipment of machinery and tractor parks with modern technology.

More than 110 local enterprises, as well as more than 70 large companies from Germany, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Ukraine, and the USA are participating in the exhibitions.

The sections of the exhibitions include presentations of various machinery, mechanisms, technologies for agriculture, processing of agricultural products, modernized greenhouses, refrigeration equipment and others.

Visitors of the event can also become familiar with cotton pickers, harvesters, lawn tractors, equipment for spraying, tilling and other technologies.

At the exhibition, participants will have an opportunity to get acquainted with technologies for agriculture. Workshops and presentations from foreign companies will also be held.

The exhibitions serve as an excellent business platform for farmers, producers and exporters of agricultural products, fresh, dried fruits and vegetables.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan N.Otajonov delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibitions.

(Source: UzA)



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