Bollettino d’informazione (marzo 2012)

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Bollettino d’informazione

(marzo 2012)





1.   President Meets with Chief of US Central Command

2.   President Islam Karimov’s Greeting Address at Navruz Festive Occasion

3.   Senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan Completed Its Eighth Plenary Session

4.   SCO Anti-Terrorist Structure Holds Session in Tashkent

5.   Concern for Citizens’ Rights and Interests, Safeguarding of Peace and Stability – Most Important Priorities in Uzbekistan

6.   GM Uzbekistan Presents Chevrolet Malibu

7.   Uzbekistan, China discussed development of trade-economic ties

8.   Exhibition-Fair Bazar-Art: Spring 2012

9.   International Chess Tournament Reached End




President Meets with Chief of US Central Command


President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov met with Commander of the United States Central Command James Mattis at the Oqsaroy March 29.


During the conversation the head of our state noted that Uzbekistan and the United States have lately been bolstering comprehensive interaction in such vital spheres as economy and investments, political dialogue, countering new threats and challenges, regional security and stability.


The two sides at the Oqsaroy exchanged views on the current developments in the region, the situation in Afghanistan, as well as prospects of enhancing bilateral relations in areas we share interest, including military and military-technical issues, UzA informs.

James Mattis thanked the President of Uzbekistan for the meeting and conveyed the willingness of the United States to work toward expansion of mutually advantageous Uzbek-American partnership built on principles of respect and confidence.


President Islam Karimov’s Greeting Address at Navruz Festive Occasion



Dear compatriots!

Esteemed guests!

In these fabulous days filled with sunny warmth, when the nature awakens, the breath of spring is felt more plainly, when our wonderful land is dressed with green attire, I take a great pleasure to congratulate you, my dear friends, and the entire people of Uzbekistan, from the bottom of my heart, on the holiday of Navruz, a holiday of rebirth and rejuvenation.

For all of us, the Navruz is the start of a new year in the Eastern calendar, a symbol of noble aspirations and hopes for a rich harvest, abundance and prosperity, the most ancient, the most favorite holiday of our people, the one free of any political trends, an integral part of our spirituality and national values.

As far back as millennia ago, when Avesto came into being, our forefathers used to celebrate the coming of the new year – Navruz, by feeling themselves part of the nature, in such blissful spring days as we have right now, on the banks of Sirdarya and Amudarya, in wide spaces, in urban and rural areas of Turan. It was this period of the year when they used to start field works, sow the seeds in the blessed soil, and wished one another peace and prosperity, inspired by gracious thoughts and dreams.

The spirit and philosophy of the Navruz has always facilitated human life in harmony with native land and nature, the awakening of aspiration in the soul of everyone, irrespective of their ethnic origin and faith, for creation and wellbeing, consolidation of harmony and unity in society.

All this is being confirmed clearly today when the residents of our country are celebrating the Navruz with great joy and folk festivities, diverse performances; they enrich the table with traditional spring meals of sumalak, halim, kuk-somsa, gujja and the like.

The fine qualities distinct in our people – kindness and compassion, care and consideration to the honored aksakals and mothers, to those in need of support, the disabled, the orphans, the low-income families – are manifest even brighter in these days and are omnipresent.

These are the very reasons we look forward for this vivid and magnificent holiday, try to reveal our most splendid and infinite happiness.

This is the very reason why both in the antiquity and in the recent past, the evil forces, however formidable, failed to deprive us, our people from the Navruz.

One can state for sure, without any doubt, that owing primarily to the will and determination of the people, to its resolution to preserve its customs and traditions, the unfading values of ancestors, the Navruz has been endowing us with its vital force and beauty even today – across millennia.

I believe I will be voicing your common view, dear compatriots, if I say that our hearts are overfilled with a sense of tremendous pride for we are posterity and heirs of so great a people who values its virtue and honor, its national self-consciousness.

Dear friends!

Naturally, past the long and severe winter, every person is as if born anew, discovers the environment differently by feeling the tender warmth of sunray, by inhaling a light, clear spring air.

Indeed, all of us are meeting the current spring with greatest ever delight, special mood, and are confident that we will further also the set out high goals in 2012 announced as the Year of Family in our country.

The noble undertakings, wide-ranging reforms on democratization and liberalization of society will be continued, while the level of welfare and quality of life is to grow thanks to mounting population incomes, pensions, allowances, stipends.

Our people have from ancient times compared youth to spring, planted trees and gardens with kind thoughts about the future of their children. Today, looking at these energetic, goal-minded youths who have gathered here in this beautiful park where we are inspired by the image of the great Alisher Navoi, I would like to say:

Our dear and sacred Motherland believes in every one of you.

May this high confidence always inspire you and lend you power. And try to be always worth that trust, my dear kids!

Taking this opportunity, on this marvelous holiday, we cordially greet and express our kindest wishes to all our friends and partners, nations and peoples in near and far abroad, who have been cooperating with us and supporting our country on its path of dynamic development.

Allow me to convey gratitude to the respected ambassadors of foreign nations, representatives of international institutions present here, all the partners, overseas friends, and congratulate them sincerely on the Navruz holiday.

Dear compatriots!

I would like to express again my deep respect and earnest wishes to you who have gathered at this brilliant and glorious square, and to all our people in your person.

May peace and harmony, prosperity and abundance reign in every family and entire country!

I wish happiness and sound health to you all!

May the Almighty protect our people and country from various misfortunes and disasters!

Happy Navruz, my dear friends!



Senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan Completed Its Eighth Plenary Session

On 24 March 2012, Senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan has completed its eighth plenary session.


Senators began the second day of the plenary session discussing the report of the General Prosecutor on the activities of prosecutors of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2011.

The prosecutors’ authorities carried out 26,773 inspections of enforcement of laws and in the result issued almost 320,000 acts of prosecutor supervision, and restored violated rights of 55,000 citizens.

They issued more than 5,000 acts of prosecutor supervision to eliminate violations of law on protection of rights and interests of small and private businesses. The prosecutors rehabilitated rights and interests of 1,639 businesses.

They also supervised measures on implementation of the programmes on creating jobs and ensuring employment of population for 2011, which was approved by the Uzbek parliament.

At the discussions, senators made several proposals and recommendations on improving activities of prosecutors, ensure rule of law, supervision of laws execution, support of small and private businesses.

Then they discussed the report of the chairperson of the State Committee on protection of nature about its activities in 2011.

Considering report of the committee, senators underlined importance of the measures directed at ensuring state control over adhering to legislation on environment protection and rational use of natural resources, improving ecologic situation in the country.

The State Committee on protection of nature paid attention to conducting control over execution of the action programme on protection of environment of Uzbekistan for 2008-2012.

As a result of adopted measures on improving ecologic situation in Uzbekistan, the volume of emission of pollution decreased by more than 5,200 tonnes. Some 61,180 cars were transferred to gas consumption and 273.73 hectares of lands were reclaimed.

The measures adopted to introduce renewable energy in social objects in Navoi, Namangan, Surkhandarya, Syrdarya and Kashkadarya regions. Senators also underlined some shortages and problems in the area.

Further, the senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan discussed information of the Ministry of Justice on implementation of laws by state bodies, law enforcement bodies and controlling structures in 2011.

During the discussions, it was noted that the Ministry of Justice implemented concrete measures on ensuring implementation of legislations in the activities of the state and law enforcement bodies, as well as controlling structures.

In 2011, the main department on control over law execution of the Ministry of Justice conducted 39 studies of 23 state bodies. In the result of this work, concrete measures on dull execution of laws in the operations of the state bodies were adopted.

Senators made proposals on improving efficiency of the work on implementation of the laws by state bodies.

Senators held a parliamentary hearing on implementation of the programme on creating jobs and ensuring employment of population for 2011 by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.

It was noted that the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and interested sides carried out systematic work on execution of the programme for 2011.

Some 970,900 new jobs were created in 2011, which are 14,600 more jobs compared to the planned volume. Within the state programme “The Year of small and private entrepreneurship”, some 113,100 new jobs were created.

Development of farm and dehkan entities, poultry farms, fish farms, gardens and green houses helped to create 126,600 jobs.

It was noted that some 402,400 of 430,300 graduates of colleges were provided with jobs in 2011.

At the meeting, senators called to ensure full implementation of the programme on creating jobs and ensuring employment of population for 2012.

Senate of Oliy Majlis adopted relevant decisions for all reports and information heard and presented during the session.

Senators considered other issues related to the competence of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan, too.

21 issues including 10 laws aimed at reforming and progressive liberalization of all spheres of political, social and economic life, business development, democratization of state power and control, protection of rights and freedom of citizens, providing employment and improving living standards, law and order in the country were considered during the two-day meeting of the Senate.

The eighth plenary session of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan concluded its work.


SCO Anti-Terrorist Structure Holds Session in Tashkent

The 20th session of the Council of the Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was held on 27 March in Tashkent.


The representatives of Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan participated in the session.

At the session, it was decided to coordinate interaction of competent bodies of the SCO member states, taking into account possible terrorism, separatism and extremism acts in the territory of the organization, UzA informs.

Decision on the establishment of the Panel of Experts border services of the competent authorities of SCO member states in fighting against terrorism, separatism and extremism was also adopted.

The participants also considered the plan of joint actions of the competent authorities of the SCO member states on how to identify and suppress the financing channels of terrorist, separatist and extremist activities against drugs trafficking, psychotropic substances and their precursors.

Issues on the coordination of interaction in the sphere of information security are considered and joint efforts of competent authorities of SCO member states according to the prevention and suppression of use or threat of use computer networks in the terrorist, separatist and extremist purposes were coordinated.

At the session, the draft report of the council of the SCO RATS to the Council of heads of member states of the SCO on work of the SCO RATS in 2011 was approved.

The draft program of the cooperation of SCO member states in fighting against terrorism, separatism and extremism for 2013-2015 was approved.

Activities of SCO RATS Executive committee in 2011 have been positively estimated by the participants.

Candidate of the representative of the People’s Republic China Cheung Sinfen to a position of the Director of SCO RATS Executive committee from 1 January 2013 endorsed by the Council of SCO RATS and recommended to submit it for consideration.

A number of decisions on organizational, personnel and financial security of activity of the SCO RATS Executive committee were accepted.

The arrangement on carrying out of the next meeting of SCO RATS Council in September 2012 in Kyrgyzstan was reached.

Council’s meeting took place in businesslike, constructive and friendly atmosphere.


Concern for Citizens’ Rights and Interests, Safeguarding of Peace and Stability – Most Important Priorities in Uzbekistan

The round table devoted to the issues of establishing in Uzbekistan a strong civil society and deepening of democratic reforms aimed at providing comprehensive human rights took place in Tashkent. It was organized by the branch of the NGO Regional Dialogue (Slovenia) in Uzbekistan within the framework of the visit of a member of the House of Lords, UK Parliament, Deputy Chairman of the all-party Group, “Britain – Uzbekistan” Baroness Vivien Stern.

The participants of the round table noted, that Concept of Intensifying the Democratic Reforms and Forming of civil society in the country has opened a new stage of comprehensive democratic reforms in Uzbekistan and has created a solid foundation for continuing even higher level of quality.

Today, the effectiveness of the “Uzbek model” of development is recognized by the world community. Measures to accelerate the democratization process accepted in Uzbekistan are of great interest abroad. International cooperation, including expansion of inter-parliamentary ties is actively developing.

“Today, Uzbekistan plays an important role in the world” – said a member of the House of Lords, UK Parliament, Deputy Chairman of the all party Parliamentary Group “Britain – Uzbekistan” Vivien Stern. The parliamentary group of “Britain – Uzbekistan” attentively studies all democratic reforms occurring in Uzbekistan. Cancellation since 1 January 2008, of the death penalty and introduction of Habeas Corpus institute in Uzbekistan had a special importance in the development of democracy.”

In the course of the round table, it was noted that “Uzbek model” of reforms can be an example for many countries of the world.


GM Uzbekistan Presents Chevrolet Malibu


A presentation of new automobile Chevrolet Malibu, production of which launched at GM Uzbekistan, has been held in Tashkent on 20 March 2012.

Representatives of the state bodies, enterprises, structures of Uzavtosanoat, General Motors, diplomatic corps and mass media accredited in Uzbekistan, participated at the event.

Chevrolet Malibu has front-wheel drive. The automobile will be equipped with 2.4 liter four cylinder engine with the capacity of 169 and 263 horse powers.

There will be offered two variants of car configuration for consumers – with automatic and mechanical six-speed transmission.

Malibu has first-class road performance characteristics, modern safety system and high-quality interior.

The car has designer novelties such as two-section firm radiator enclosure, powerful xenon headlights, as well as dual back headlamps with light diodes.

The model offers improved steering, which ensure fast and precise reaction of car to actions of driver, isolated front stretcher, which prevents voice penetration and saloon vibration. Body structure of Malibu is rough, which allows to improve control of cars at high speed.

Chevrolet Malibu has new audio and navigation system. The car equipped with high level Bluetooth system, which allows to use hands free system for smartphones. The car has six security bags, security curtain airbags for safety of head and neck.

GM Uzbekistan is planning to launch sales of Chevrolet Malibu in June 2012, UZA informs.


Uzbekistan, China discussed development of trade-economic ties



First meeting of subcommittee on trade-economic and investment cooperation of the Uzbek-Chinese intergovernmental committee on cooperation took place in Tashkent on 28 March.

Minister of foreign economic relations, investments and trade of Uzbekistan and co-Chair of the Subcommittee Elyor Ganiyev noted at the meeting that cooperation between Uzbekistan and China is gradually developing in all spheres, including in the trade and economic and investment sector.

The state visit of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov in April 2011 to the People’s Republic of China lifted the relationship between the two countries on qualitatively new level and it serves as an important factor for further expansion of existing possibilities of cooperation.

The most favorable mode of nation treatment operates between Uzbekistan and China in the economic sphere.

The volume of mutual trade turnover made USD 2 billion 596 million in 2011.

Some382 joint enterprises with the Chinese capital and 65 representative companies operate in Uzbekistan.

In the course of negotiations, Chinese side acquainted with the results of the consecutive reforms carried out with a view of development of economy and favorable conditions created in the free industrial and economic zone Navoi.

“Today’s meeting became one more good possibility for ensuring implementation of the arrangements reached during the meetings of the heads of our states,” said the Deputy Minister of Commerce Jiang Yaopin.

The mutual exchange of opinions concerning economic potential and possibilities of both countries also took place during the meeting, UzA informs.

The sides discussed the issues of development and implementation of joint projects, stimulations of investment, financial and technical cooperation and adjustment of direct contacts between business subjects.


 Exhibition-Fair Bazar-Art: Spring 2012

In the photo: At the Bazar-Art. Spring 2012 exhibition-fair.

The Centre of National Arts in Tashkent has hosted for the tenth time one of the most favoured and popular with capital residents and guests the exhibition fair of decorative-applied art Bazar-Art. Spring 2012 organized by the Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan Foundation together with the Association of Artists, Art Historians and People’s Masters IJOD.

For another time the exhibition halls of the Centre has been decorated with multifaceted items and colours where celebrated gurus compete in mastery with young promising ones whose products are no less brilliant as well.

Bazar-Art is not only the action that today has become the most anticipated for many but also one of the most striking projects in the cultural life of the capital. It is organized twice a year since 2007 with participation of about 100 masters from various regions of the republic.

Discovering creative potential in the field of traditional and modern decorative applied art, familiarization of the wider public with the brightest tendencies, rendering support to creative dynasties and talented masters, as well as preserving and multiplying national heritage is the key mission of the fair. And, the fair is successfully coped with this task for several years already. Visitors of the exhibition could procure any of products they like.

The four-day fair is completed with the awarding ceremony of laureates of the exhibition. The project also envisages allocation of grants to masters and their apprentices. Grants are meant for further development of applied art, revival of vanishing kinds of crafts and traditional forms in the arts of Uzbekistan.


International Chess Tournament Reached End

The 6th International Chess Tournament Tashkent Open dedicated to the memory of the first grandmaster of Uzbekistan Georgiy Agzamov, has reached its end.

The competition was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Uzbekistan, Chess Federation of Uzbekistan at the support of Fund Forum in order to further popularize chess in Uzbekistan.

More than hundreds of chess players from Uzbekistan, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Israel, Georgia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan competed for the victory.

The Tashkent Open tournament, traditionally held since 2007, as one of the premier events of sport in the country makes it possible to spread the potential of the Uzbek chess schools over the world. The year-over-year growth of the prestige of the tournament was emphasized by experts. As the years passed, many grandmasters attended the tournament this year, too.

Competition was held in Swiss system, 9 rounds, Maxim Turov of Russia took the first place, Georgian Mikhail Mchedishvili took the second place and the third place went to the grandmaster of Uzbekistan Anton Filippov.

“I am once again convinced that all international sports events is organized at a high level in Uzbekistan. I have won the Tashkent Open tournament twice. And, this year’s competition was very interesting and perfectly competitive” said M.Turov.

Nafisa Muminova scored the highest number of points in women’s competitions and was awarded with special prize, Vladimir Heghine among veterans.