Bollettino d’informazione (aprile 2012)

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Bollettino d’informazione

           (aprile 2012)







1.   Islam Karimov Meets with Lukoil President

2.   British Officials in Uzbekistan Discuss Cooperation Prospects

3.   OSCE High Commissioner in Uzbekistan

4.   Saudi Arabian Delegation Pays a Visit to Uzbekistan

5.   Aral Sea Region to Develop its Tourism Industry

6.   Fifth International Investment and Financial Forum Opened in Tashkent

7.   SMS-information About Public Transport Services

8.   "Fine Art+5" Creativity Week Opened at the Central Exhibition Hall of Arts Academy

9.   Victory of Uzbek Chess Players in Brunei



Islam Karimov Meets with Lukoil President

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov on April 19 at the Oqsaroy met with Vagit Alekperov, President of Lukoil Oil Company.

The parties discussed Lukoil’s activities in Uzbekistan with regard to geological prospecting and development of hydrocarbon deposits in a range of investment blocks, as well as the progress in constructing a new gas processing plant in Bukhara region.

According to President Islam Karimov, the effective materialization of exploration works has allowed Lukoil to secure growth of hydrocarbon reserves across deposits of Kandym group, Khauzak-Shady, Gissar region, Kungrad segment, and as part of Investors Consortium on the Uzbek section of the Aral Sea.

It has been stressed during the meeting that Lukoil’s direct investments into the hydrocarbon complex of Uzbekistan on three investment schemes have already exceeded two billion US dollars. More than five billion dollars of investments in general are due for the period of execution of all projects with Lukoil. Uzbekistan’s willingness to bolster cooperation in deep reprocessing of raw stock with production of goods with higher added value has been underscored.

In his turn, Vagit Alekperov expressed gratitude to the head of our state for a warm welcome and a high appreciation of Lukoil activities in Uzbekistan’s oil and gas industry, as well as a facilitating environment created to implement extensive mutually advantageous projects. The guest assured of the readiness of the company he runs to continue with the longer-term and rewarding interaction with Uzbek partners.


British Officials in Uzbekistan Discuss Cooperation Prospects

Visiting Uzbekistan as part of joint efforts to further the bilateral interaction, a United Kingdom Cabinet member, co-chair of the British Conservative Party Baroness Sayeeda Warsi met with Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan, chair of Women’s Committee Elmira Bositkhonova.

It has been stressed during the April 9 meeting that cooperation between Uzbekistan and Great Britain has been advancing steadily covering all areas. The two sides discussed fostering the mechanisms aimed at exchanging experience and information between our two countries on boosting the role of women in society and bolstering the interaction on this front.

Initiated by President Islam Karimov, the steadfast reforms in progress in Uzbekistan directed at further enhancing the socio-political activity of women in society, uplifting their professional, spiritual and intellectual potential, augmenting women’s social security, consolidating their health, protecting motherhood and childhood, and other efforts have been yielding remarkable effect. An important guidance in this direction has been the “Additional Measures to Support the Activities of Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan” signed into the Decree by the head of our state on 25 May 2004.

The British guest said she highly appreciates the gracious work undertaken in our country to secure employment for women, improve their working conditions, attract them to entrepreneurship and support in every way possible.

Sayeeda Warsi traveled to Westminster International University in Tashkent to meet with faculty and students.

“I am delighted to have visited the ancient and eternally young cities of Samarkand and Bukhara during my stay in Uzbekistan,” Sayeeda Warsi said.

“We are quite happy also that our trip has coincided with the extensive celebration of Amir Temur’s 676th birthday anniversary. Your great ancestor’s role in cultural and scientific advancement of the peoples of Movarounnahr is incomparable. The historic monuments built during Amir Temur and Temurids and preserved to our days are the marvelous samples of architecture and construction art of that era.

“I have been impressed much by the hospitality and nobility of the Uzbek people. The high achievements manifest in every realm, particularly in parliamentarianism and lawmaking, are admirable. We set out to consolidate further our cooperation with Uzbekistan,” the British Baroness underscored.



OSCE High Commissioner in Uzbekistan

On visit in our country, High Commissioner on National Minorities of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Knut Vollebaek met with Nasriddin Muhammadiev, director of Uzbekistan’s Interethnic Cultural Center, on April 12.

It was underscored at the talks that securing interethnic harmony has been a subject of special consideration in Uzbekistan under the leadership of President Islam Karimov. The country’s Constitution guarantees equal rights and freedoms for every citizen irrespective of ethnic origin, religion and language. Diverse ethnic groups residing currently in Uzbekistan have been equally enthusiastic and energetic in common efforts aimed at socio-economic development of the nation, enhancement of democratic processes underway in society. The country’s all ethnic groups are represented in legislative, executive and judicial branches of power.

It has been stressed at today’s meeting that interethnic and interreligious tolerance is a characteristic trait of our national development, and that interethnic harmony and stability constitutes one of the government policy and social development priorities in Uzbekistan. According to the event participants, the 140 plus ethnic cultural centers functioning currently in Uzbekistan have been instrumental in catering to the citizens’ mounting ethnic-spiritual needs, in consolidating the interethnic relations, reinforcing the environment of peace, friendship and solidarity reigning in our country.


“Tremendous emphasis is being placed in Uzbekistan on securing interethnic harmony,” the OSCE High Commissioner has put it.

“We feel rather glad that representatives of all ethnic groups in this country are entitled equal rights and opportunities. Noteworthy are the efforts in Uzbekistan directed at creating a facilitating environment for the preservation and perpetuation of the language, culture, arts, customs and traditions of various ethnic and sub-ethnic groups. It is particularly impressive that education is provided in seven languages, along with a ten-language press printed in this country.”

Knut Vollebaek also held talks at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Education, the Institute for Strategic and Inter-Regional Studies, and Uzbekistan National Center for Human Rights.


Saudi Arabian Delegation Pays a Visit to Uzbekistan

On 24 April, meetings with the delegation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia headed by the Chairman of Advisory Council Abdullah Al ash-Sheikh were held at the Senate, the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

It was noted that today, the cooperation between Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia, based on mutual respect and trust is developing in trade-economic, investment, cultural and humanitarian spheres and the inter-parliamentary ties are being strengthened.

During the meetings, members of the Saudi Arabian delegation stressed that during the years of independence Uzbekistan has achieved great success in the implementation of socio-political and socio-economic reforms. The country is carrying out large-scale work to preserve the spiritual and cultural heritage of the nation.

The guests visited the Hazrati Imam (Hastimom) complex and the State Museum of Timurids’ History, where they got acquainted with the exhibits, telling about the life of Amir Temur and his descendants.


Aral Sea Region to Develop its Tourism Industry

A special attention in the Aral Sea region is given to the development of international and domestic tourism, opening up new routes.

Three tourist routes along the ancient historic castles of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and other sights were put. In particular, trips to the state biosphere reserve Kuyi Amudarya, pastures of Ustyurt, the lake of Sudyoche and conserved water area of the Aral Sea were also organized under the projects of “Historical and cultural tourism”, “Ecotourism” and “Travel”.

About ten travel agencies are organizing trips along these routes. Especially agencies of “Ayazkala Tour”, “Janbaskala Tour”, “Okhunjon-Shohsanam” and “Ayim Tour” are working effectively.

Currently, tours along seven routes are offered to every tourist arriving in Karakalpakstan. Foreign guests with great pleasure choosing the routes of “Echoes of the past in the desert”, “Journey to the Aral Sea”, “Wishing Well”, “Miracle of silk thread” and “The ancient castles of Karakalpakstan”.

Extensive exposition of Nukus Arts Museum named after Igor Savitsky with more than 90,000 exhibits tell about the rich history and cultural monuments of our region. Works of applied art of the Karakalpak people, costumes and embroidery products draw visitors’ attention.

New projects taking into account the climatic conditions of the Aral Sea are being developed. For example, guests can enjoy fishing and hunting for ducks on the rivers and lakes in the region. Ecotours organized to the ancient monuments of Mizdakkhon kala, Tuprokkala, Ayozkala, Chilpik on the banks of Amudarya.

One of the largest projects of the Fund “Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan” jointly with the UNESCO Office in Uzbekistan, festival of traditional culture “Asrlar sadosi” (Echo of Centuries) will be held here on 5-6 May.

The main activities of the festival will be held at the Arts Museum named after Igor Savitsky and on the territory of Tuprokkala monument in Ellikkala district.

Unique culture of our people, rich historical heritage, nature and ancient monuments will, no doubt, attract the attention of foreign visitors of the festival.

The festival will include the contests of folklore groups, an exhibition of national costumes, traditional folk games, ulak-kupkari and competition of riders.

Exhibition-fair of art works and items of craftsmen, masters of pottery, wood carving and ganch, miniatures and embroidery will be held, too.



Fifth International Investment and Financial Forum Opened in Tashkent

The fifth international investment and financial forum opened in Tashkent.

It was organized by information and rating agency SAIPRO with the support of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Finance, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, Banking Association, the Movement of entrepreneurs and business people of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (UzLiDeP), Media XPRIMM (Romania), the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine, the Belarusian Association of Insurers.

This year’s forum brought together over 850 representatives of local and foreign ministries, public organizations, international financial institutions, insurance, leasing, accounting and investment firms, banks and rating agencies.

More than 120 foreign participants from 75 companies carrying out their investment and finance activities from 30 states take part in the event.

Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis B.Yoqubov, Deputy Minister of Finance M.Mirzayev, deputy chairman of the Central Bank Sh.Khaydarov, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce A.Shaykhov, Acting Chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for State Property Management A.Abdukhakimov, Director General of Information and rating agency SAIPRO R.Jurayev and others noted in their speech that during the years of independence Uzbekistan has carried out wide-ranging measures to create favorable investment climate.

Activities of banking institutions were discussed in the forum. Thus, over the past five years, the capital adequacy ratio of banking sector in Uzbekistan located at the level of three times higher than the international norm of 8 per cent set by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.

In 2011, the total capital of domestic banks increased by 30 per cent compared to 2010 and this year 1 January this growth rate made up 5.3 trillion soums and the banks’ assets grew by 32.4 percent.

The qualitative structure of banks’ loan portfolio is also changing radically. If in 2000, its 54 per cent was formed by external borrowing, in 2011 85.3 per cent was formed by domestic sources, deposits of legal entities and individuals.

Today, there is a growing investment liveliness of commercial banks in the country. Over 75 per cent of the investments – long-term investment loans for more than three years. In general, over the past ten years, lending to the real sector of the economy by the banks of Uzbekistan has increased by 7 times.

In particular, the total amount of credits directed to the real sector of the economy grew by 35.6 per cent and the size of the allocated funds for investment purposes by 37 per cent in the previous year.

Head of the ADB’s Permanent Mission in Uzbekistan Kazuhiko Higuchi noted that the partnership between Uzbekistan and ADB is aimed at the implementation of joint projects to improve transport infrastructure, energy, agriculture, small business and entrepreneurship, health, education and other fields.

During the forum, several major events were held: a conference on “Investment opportunities in banking, insurance, leasing sector and securities market of Uzbekistan”; the fifth Tashkent international insurance and reinsurance conference; the fourth Tashkent international leasing conference; the first Tashkent international conference of banks and non-banking credit organizations; the first Tashkent international conference of securities market participants.



SMS-information About Public Transport Services

Now, our fellow citizens are able to receive SMS-information about public transport services.

As a result of improvement of the rules in the sphere, only companies and drivers with appropriate licenses engaged in this activity.

Uzbek Agency for Automobile and River Transport held a press conference devoted to this issue.

As it was known, sending SMS with a state number and serial sign of the bus, fixed route and passenger taxi or a truck to the number 5500 and you can get complete information about them.

Within a few seconds you will receive information on the right and timing of a particular vehicle.

If you get a negative response from the agency database, then the vehicle operates outside the law and may not be subject to daily technical verification, and the driver did not pass a medical examination.

The agency’s specialists have created an electronic database of licensed vehicles in order to introduce this new interactive service. It includes data on more than 30 thousand motor vehicles and their drivers.

It is noteworthy that this handy interactive method helps to protect the rights of users and eliminate the cases of illegal road transport activities.

Data base and the rules of the license are available on the website of the agency. Citizens wishing to provide transport services license, can apply through the website and to submit the necessary documents in electronic form.

At the event, it was noted that effective use of such interactive services will contribute to the safety of transport services and traffic.

The journalists have received detailed answers to their questions at the press conference.


"Fine Art+5" Creativity Week Opened at the Central Exhibition Hall of Arts Academy

Traditional annual “Fine Art+5” creativity week opened at the Central Exhibition Hall of Uzbekistan Arts Academy.

It was organized in cooperation with the Arts Academy and the Fund “Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan”.

Fans of the fine arts, teachers, students, representatives of international organizations and diplomatic corps in our country were invited.

Chairman of the Uzbek Academy of Arts A.Nuriddinov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan Yosihisa Kuroda and the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in our country Yuri Savchenko noted that a great attention under the leadership of President Islam Karimov in Uzbekistan is paid to improve the spirituality and aesthetic taste of youth.

The issues of preservation and further development of Uzbek traditions of art, improved throughout the centuries and creating the necessary conditions for fruitful work of artists are in the center of constant attention.

The creativity week which is held this year for the ninth time serves for further development and strengthening collaboration of artists, craftsmen, artists, young talents, educating the secrets of the mastery of fine arts to the young talented boys and girls.

This traditional celebration includes interesting exhibitions, concerts, conferences, meetings and workshops. The participants of the week will receive detailed information about the famous artists of the dynasties of craftsmen, their activities and creativity.

The works of young artists and masters of brush, creative works of the masters of applied arts and artisans will be presented at the exhibition to be held at the Central Exhibition Hall of the Arts Academy.

Participants will get acquainted with the works of artists from South Korea, Ukraine and Japan. However, events and photo exhibitions on culture, traditions and customs of the country of rising sun are also scheduled.

Each day of the week will be dedicated to specific direction of fine arts, painting, drawing, sculpture, design, crafts, miniature art and photography.

It is planned to organize an exhibition of schedule works, sculptors, photographers, presentation of works of artisans. In particular, master classes on modern trends of art on topics such as “Plastic bionic architecture”, “Electronic graphics tablet” and “Sand picture graphics on the screen”.

Round table conversations on such topics like “EGO-11”, “Development of modern Uzbek applied art” and “Prospects of the art of sculpture and design” with the participation of scientists and art historians, artists, professors and teachers of higher educational institutions will further enrich the knowledge of the youth.

The first day of the creative project included the followings: an exhibition of works by young artists, craftsmen and artisans from regions, as well as the artists from Ukraine, South Korea and Japan; creative meetings with famous artists; a photo exhibition dedicated to Japanese culture; concerts; round table conversation with participation of art historians; shows of documentary films and master classes.



Victory of Uzbek Chess Players in Brunei

Grand master Marat Jumayev of Samarkand won at the international chess tournament “Brunei Campomanses Memorial Grandmaster Open 2012” held in Brunei.

40 players from nearly 10 countries fought for the victory in the international tournament held in the Swiss style in nine rounds.

Experienced Uzbek chess player Marat Jumayev took first place by the overall results of six and a half points.

Master of sports of international category Jahongir Vokhidov has also scored 6.5 points in the tournament and according to additional indicators took the second place.

Our 17-year-old talented player has won five of the nine registered parties and made three draws.

Other Uzbek grand master Tohir Vohidov like Marat Jumayev finished the tournament without a defeat.

He has scored six points and took place in the top four.