Vivid demonstration of creative potential of people of Uzbekistan

posted 2 Sept 2016, 10:01 by Webmaster Ambasciata

The dynamic development of our country in the years of independence has created a solid foundation for a great creative work. New industrial enterprises, educational and medical institutions, art and sports palaces, roads and bridges, modern homes are being commissioned. The “buildings of independence” have become a familiar concept for us. Their number and unique appearance contribute to the overall transformation of our cities and villages.

On the basis of the master plan the cities of Nukus, Urgench, Bukhara, Samarkand, Karshi, Termez, Andijan, Fergana, Namangan and others are being completely reconstructed.

At the same time, Tashkent, embodying the development and prosperity of the whole of Uzbekistan, hosts extensive construction and improvement works. The city, maintaining its historical authenticity, turns into a modern megapolis. New buildings, houses, hotels, roads and bridges, beautiful parks and alleys create comfortable conditions for Tashkent residents and guests.

According to the master plan, developed on the basis of the ideas of our head of state, a great creative work is carried out in the old part of the capital. In 2013, at the Khadra Square underwent large-scale construction and repair work. In 2014, new roads were built in Almazar and Shaikhantakhur districts. In May 2015 a new modern bridge was opened at the intersection of Sebzar and Abdullah Kadiri streets.

Construction of the Nurafshon street provided a great convenience to the public and at the same time opened up new possibilities for the renovation of the old city. This four-lane road facilitates the transport movement. Communications and modern infrastructure has been built along the road.

In accordance with the decree of the head of our state on November 20, 2014 on reconstructing the old part of Tashkent, modern residential houses are built high. This year 20 high-rise buildings for 386 apartments have been constructed.

As a result of the improvements of standard of living and income the number of cars have also increased. Therefore, road and communications networks are consistently developing. In all regions, new roads are being built, available one being expanded. Wide and smooth roads and bridges are being built in Tashkent as well, taking into account long-term development of the city.

The works in this sphere have continued this year as well. Nurafshon street was extended to the area of the Aktepe square for 4 kilometers and connected with the Muqimiy street. A modern bridge has been built at the intersection of Muqimi, Usman Nasir and Shota Rustaveli streets. A dead end road, starting from intersection joined with the Babur street. Thus, another ring road was created in the capital.

Previously, the intersection of Muqimiy, Usman Nasir and Shota Rustaveli streets was crossed by 11.5 thousand vehicles per hour, overlapping the default capacity by almost twice. The result is congestion, which leads to loss of time by drivers and passengers, wasting fuel and increasing pollution.

At the initiative of the head of our state, a modern bridge 19 meters wide and about 1 km long has been built. The Muqimiy street extended, the road became a five-band in both directions.

This creative work carried out also in other areas. In order to create even greater convenience, the Taraqqiyot street has been extended for vehicle traffic.

As a result of creative and improvement works Tashkent has become even more beautiful, convenience for living has improved. Vivid confirmation is Uzbekistan’s ranking in the "World index of happiness" (44th place), 59th place of our capital in the world ranking of livability and comfort, according to the company's assessment of "Economist Intelligence Unit".

These modern facilities, embodying the creative potential of our people, the prosperity of the country, large-scale improvement works serve to further improve the welfare and living standards of population.

(Source: UzA)