The Basis of Prosperous Life

posted 2 Sept 2016, 09:41 by Webmaster Ambasciata

Today Uzbekistan is getting ready to celebrate its dearest holiday, the 25th anniversary of national independence. The string of event and broad explanatory work call for each and every person to contribute to the preservation of prosperity and stronger independence and boost the feeling of belonging to everything festive that is going on.

Within a historically short period of time significant results, the importance of which can not be overestimated, massive results have been achieved. In the first years of independence, Uzbekistan set itself the goal of building a socially oriented market economy, conduct an open policy, bring about the rule of law and a strong civil society. The strategy, recognized worldwide as the ‘Uzbek model’ of development, identified five principles of state and social construction. And today we see the effective implementation of reforms that have changed the outlook of people and their attitude to life.

Over the past 25 years, Uzbekistan, once an area with a lopsided economy and full monopoly of cotton production, has become a fast growing economy, first of all thanks to the modernization and development of modern sectors, which has been highly appreciated across the world.

In the tough conditions in 1989–1990, the farming households of 1.5 million families were expanded and 700,000 received land, which helped to mitigate the critical social situation at the time.

Uzbekistan has drawn the line at a shock therapy since the very first days of its independence and has implemented phased reforms. It has prioritized economy over politics as well as the rule of law and a strong social policy.

The country created the foundation of social support of the population and introduced  laws “On social protection of disabled people in the Republic of Uzbekistan”, “On State Pensions”, “On Employment”, “On protection of public health” and others.

Every year, about 60% of the State Budget is allocated to the social sector, which contributes to the preservation of the country's stability, strengthen the faith of people in the future. Along with ongoing in key sectors of the economy reforms, market transformations are taking place in the health, education, culture and art, physical culture and sports.

It is the first CIS country that, based on the National Program for Personnel Training, developed and introduced a new and effective system of education. Always, even in the most difficult periods it focused on the youth policy. Accepted on November 20, 1991, the  Law “On state youth policy in the Republic of Uzbekistan” is one of the first laws of the independent republic. It was a striking expression of the attitude to the younger generation as the most important heritage and an important platform to create the necessary conditions for its harmonious development.

In accordance with the Law “On Education” and the National Program for Personnel Training, the country has a system to ensure modern specialist sectors of the economy and social sphere. In the most remote villages there have been built schools, academic lyceums and professional colleges.

The annual expenditure of the State Budget for education and training totals 10-12% of the GDP, which is almost twice the UNESCO recommendations on the size of investments that should be addressed in this area to ensure stable development of the country – namely 6-7%.

The practical realization of strong social policies can be seen as an example of positive changes in health care. In particular, last year 500 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 26.08.2016, 1$= 2984.45 soums) were directed in the country for the construction, reconstruction, overhaul and equipping of 141 medical institutions. Optimization has been completed and rural healthy units have been supplied with modern diagnostic and medical equipment of rural health units.

The measures taken helped achieve a dramatic reduction in the incidence of diseases among the population. The average life expectance of the Uzbek people has increased from 67 to 73 years. Over the past five years the country has significantly reduced maternal and infant mortality. According to these indicators, Uzbekistan fully achieved the Millennium Development Goals.

Today, our country gets high marks from leading rating agencies in the world economic growth, the creation of the best conditions for doing business, security, care for the health of citizens, which is a good example of well thought-out and forward-looking policy of the state in all directions.

(Source: «Business» newspaper)