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Every year on 8th of March inhabitants of our country mark beautiful spring holiday - International Women's Day with a special scale. Spiritual perfection, wisdom and beauty of Uzbek women are deeply respected and admired throughout the world.

We all know how much heartfelt words were written by our poets and thinkers of the woman, her beauty and tenderness, that it is a symbol of kindness and selflessness, guardian of home.

In particular, the poem of the great Uzbek poet Alisher Navoi "Paradise is at the feet of mothers" gives to realize a deep and sacred idea:

Flowers from the gardens of paradise under the feet of mothers',

As faithful love, live with them as guard.

And if you want to enter paradise and find flowers,

Be the dust under the feet of mother before, not getting up.

A monument of the Blessed Mother built at the Independence Square is a vivid reflection of the fact that in our country women always are in high esteem, and protection of their rights and interests is a priority public policy.

Generosity and kindness of women’s soul create a strong foundation for the family, grow children healthy and harmonious development of personality in the spirit of love for the motherland.

Modern Uzbek woman is not only a homemaker, but having deep knowledge and rich potential, making significant progress in the professional and social activities, works selflessly for the good of the country. Woman occupies an increasingly important place in the system of political parties, representative bodies of power and control in the field, non-profit organizations. For example, in the newly elected bicameral parliament of Uzbekistan 41 women occupy. That was often confirmed by foreign experts and observers as very impressive result in the world. 

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