posted 7 Mar 2016, 05:06 by Webmaster Ambasciata

Special attention will be paid to creation of a healthy spiritual environment in the families within the State program “The year of healthy mother and child”.

In his resolution, President Karimov had determined priority tasks, which will have to be taken into account in the elaboration and implementation of the State program for the year 2016 “The year of healthy mother and child”.

Improvement of legislation and normative-legal base is defined as one of the principal tasks. Numerous issues related to protection of family, maternity and childhood, protection of women’s rights, raising their role in the upbringing of a healthy child, as well as consolidation of the institute of family as the foundation of a strong flourishing state will find their legal solutions.

Work will have to be continued on the creation of necessary social, living and medical conditions for the population. Particular attention will be paid to women living in remote and hard to access locations. Building new modern houses and social infrastructure facilities in rural areas, provision of improved quality drinking water and gas, raising the quality of services for rural population will be continued.

Also in the center of attention is consolidation of material and technical basis and personnel potential of medical establishments. Priority attention will be attached to perinatal and screening centers. The Ministry of Health will have to more actively work on raising the efficiency of family out-patient hospitals and rural health units, increasing the number of health visitors, improving the qualification level of obstetrician gynecologists and pediatricians, and the medical awareness of the population. Solutions will be found to pressing issues of improving the psycho-physiological condition of pregnant women, relevant care about young mothers and children and ensuring quality and caloric intake of nourishment.

A complex of measures will be elaborated on broad popularization of physical education and sports among the youth, involving the youth, especially girls in rural areas into regular sporting exercises.

The main social program of the year should include a complex of measures on the creation of a healthy spiritual environment in the families, specifically, the atmosphere of mutual respect, kindness and love between spouses, parents and children, mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law, and among neighbors. These issues are viewed as the most important prerequisites for further consolidation of peace, tranquility and prosperity in the country.

Formation of physically healthy and intellectually developed girls – future mothers – will take a major place in the program. In this aspect will be found solutions to current issues of ensuring their compulsory education at academic lyceums and colleges, mastering modern knowledge and occupations, shaping of resistant beliefs and independent thinking as the main preconditions for holding a decent place in life and creation of a healthy and strong family.

Development of a network of pre-school educational establishments will take a special place along with radical improvement the level of training children at schools, ensuring high quality of primary education and introduction of advanced teaching and information-communication technologies.

Measures on employment of college graduates, in the first place girls, increasing the volumes of credits for youth for starting their own business, as well as mortgage and consumer credits for young families will constitute an integral part of the program. Provision of employment of the population is considered as an important factor of ensuring people’s welfare and wellbeing.