Healthy mother – healthy generation

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A solemn ceremony, dedicated to the International Women’s Day, was held at the Turkiston Palace on 5 March.

It is symbolic that the the Women’s day is celebrated in the first days of spring. Spring is beautiful as women.

Erection of the Monument of Happy mother at the main square of our country- at the Mustaqillik (Independence) square – is a symbolic manifestation that in Uzbekistan respect and veneration for women, upbringing a healthy generation is one of the priority areas of reforms, carried out under the leadership of President Islam Karimov.

The main square of our country became even more magnificent on 5 March. A group of representatives of women’s organizations, women, successfully occupied in the spheres of economy, law, science, education, culture, arts visited the square. They laid wreath to the Monument of Independence and humanity, which is a symbol of our freedom, bright future and noble aspirations.

The participants of the event acquainted with the mass-scale creative work in the capital. They visited the republican specialized centre for water sports development, went to the Alisher Navoi state academic grand theater of Uzbekistan to see the play Sadoqat (Fidelity).

A solemn ceremony, dedicated to the International Women’s Day took place at the Turkiston Palace. Women from different walks of life, revered mothers, representatives of ministries, agencies, public organizations, winners of Zulfiya state prizes participated at the event.

Khokim of Tashkent city R.Usmanov opened the solemn ceremony.

State advisor of the President Kh.Sultanov read out the festive greeting address of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov to the women of Uzbekistan.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan – Chairperson of the Women’s Committee of the country E.Basitkhanova noted that huge efforts have been taken to enhance the status of women in the society, ensuring their rights and interests, strengthening their health.

The decree of the head of our state “On additional measures to support the activity of the Women’s committee of Uzbekistan” from 25 May 2004 serves as an important factor augmenting the socio-political activity of women, their role in the life of famility, society and the state.

Women constitute 16 per cent of the members of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan. As of now, 14 women have been awarded the highest awards of the Motherland- the Hero of Uzbekistan award, which is a vivid manifestation of the huge attention and care for women in our country.

As has been noted by the President Islam Karimov numerous times, a cultural level and spiritual development of any society can be determined by its respect for women. Respect and reverence for women, first of all for mothers, is one of the highest values in Uzbekistan. No wonder we call it the Motherland.

Thanks to such high respect, women in our country can realize their wishes and aspirations, achieve successes in different areas. Women’s entrepreneurship has been consistently developing. Favorable conditions for developing small business and private entrepreneurship, family businesses play an important role in ensuring employment of women, increasing their public participation, family welfare.

Wide-scale creative efforts, undertaken in our country, serve to increase the welfare of the nation. New rural settlements on standard designs, “Kamolot” houses for young families increase the level and quality of life of people, facilitate the work and life of women, support fostering harmonically developed generation.

Thanks to created conditions and opportunities, life conditions of our mothers and sisters have improved. Their health is strengthened; life longevity is increasing.

Our women are worthy of the highest respect and admiration. They give life to children, foster a healthy generation. The future of the country is inextricable linked to physical and spiritual health of women.

This goal lies on the basis of the announcement of the 2016 “The Year of healthy mother and child” on the initiative President Islam Karimov. Within the implementation of the State program in this regard, the scale of efforts on strengthening the health of women, support of women’s entrepreneurship, professional orientation of girls and their involvement in sports have been widening.

People’s artist of Uzbekistan Mirza Azizov, a consultant on the issues of religious enlightenment and ethical education of the Ulugbek mahalla in Angren city Rano Khayitkulova congratulated women with the holiday.

14 girls, awarded the State Zulfiya prize for their particular achievements in literature, arts, science, education and culture, were handed these high honors in a solemn ceremony during the event.

Winners of this year’s State Zulfiya prize – a student of the Yakkabog’ food industry and services college Mohidil Nizamova, student of Uzbekistan State Conservatory Zulhayo Raimkulova and others expressed their sincere gratitude to President of our country for his support and care for women.

– Deep respect and veneration for women of our country is conveyed in a congratulatory address of President Islam Karimov, which has deeply touched our hearts and inspired, says the head of the farming unit “Nurli obod” in Oltiariq district of Fergana region, honored worker of agriculture of Uzbekistan, commander of the order “El-yurt hurmati” Lola Murodova. – When the women, effectively heading farmer’s units, was mentioned, my heart was filled with the sense of pride, as I am also one of them. Our multi-faceted farmer’s unit achieves high efficiency in all directions. The opportunities for women, created in our country, encourages us to be more active and take initiative.

A particular attention is paid in our country to developing sports among women as a main factor of strengthening their health. Women’s sportswear, corresponding to national mentality, is produced. On the initiative of President of Uzbekistan young sportswomen are presented sportswear annually.

As a result, family and women’s sports have acquired a big scope. In existing 35 thousand sections for girls and women throughout the country over 3,5 million people are regularly training in 39 types of sports.

Our sportswomen and students of schools of music and arts have been achieving high results in international competitions and contests.

– I am one of the happiest girls in our country,- says a 3rd-year student of the Tashkent state dentistry, winner of the State Zulfiya prize Shokhida Zokhidova. – Thanks to attention to developing women’s sports by our President, we are achieving high results. I am a 17-fold champion of Uzbekistan on synchronized swimming, winner of international competitions.

An exhibition of artworks by women, organized by the Women’s committee of Uzbekistan in cooperation with Arts Academy and Hunarmand Association, took place at the lobby of the Turkiston Palace.

The event was finalized with a gala concert of famous and young artists.

The Chairman of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan N.Yuldoshev, the Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis N.Ismoilov, Prime-Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.Mirziyoyev took part at the solemn ceremony.

(Source: UzA)