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Melodious Korean motives spread through the hall, and the conductor actively gesticulating indicates the correct intonation and accents. From a distance and did not make out that the youngest members of the choir of 60 and its head - 81.

Oksana Tyan - a professional conductor. Before retirement she worked at the National College of Music, and then taught at the school and kindergarten. And when in 2000 she was asked to organize the Choir of the Association of Korean cultural centers of Uzbekistan are happy to have - do not like to sit around. The name came up quite symbolic - "Sarang", which is translated as "Love".

- First came the activists center. And then began to bring wives, husbands, friends, and so the choir began to grow, - says Oksana. - Now a team of 20 senior citizens aged 60 to 80 years. Many of them in his youth fond of singing and decided not to leave employment. All of them are here for the love of art, so the name is quite appropriate.

Someone came to the choir for the first time, did not know how to sing. But this welcome everyone, regardless of ability or age. For example, Adolf Shin could not draw a single note. And for eight years, I learned to sing so well that already performs solo. And other members of Robert and Anisii Ahn, Kim Love of fans have become almost professionals. Their work is rewarded with a vengeance. "Sarang" has repeatedly won prizes at national and international competitions and festivals.

The repertoire of the choir have varied. They like to sing the Uzbek and Russian folk songs, trying to save the national composition of their ancestors. Oksana Nikolaevna even had to learn the language in their elderly age - and she coped.

- Learn Korean for me it was not very hard, - she says. - Thanks to the musical ear easily "caught" the correct pronunciation, and now help other participants.

As the head of the team, playing in the choir helps not only as breathing exercises for the lungs, but also improve mood and tone. It proved by example that an active life and a love for art - a source of longevity.

- In the past year, I fell seriously ill and thought that go from the choir - says the conductor. - But at home I felt worse and students persuaded to start exercising again. Then, quickly went to the amendment. Until now, I conduct standing, although the actors concerned and ask save power. But during forget everything, I do not feel tired and I can rehearse for several hours. Favorite thing gives strength to me and to others.

For fifteen years the choir has become a real big family.

- Often going home from Oksana - Vera Ahn says. - It prepares all dishes of different national cuisines: Uzbek, Russian, Korean. Best of all it has obtained pilaf and mashhurda. That's the New Year, too, have decided to meet at our mentor cheerful and noisy company. And at the table certainly will sound your favorite songs.