A gala event titled “Good bye school, Hello college!” was held at all general educational schools of Uzbekistan on the occasion of completion of the 2015-2016 academic year

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Over 470,000 school children are poised to finish ninth grade this year and will continue their education at academic lyceums and professional colleges. As in previous years, schools attached great attention to preparing school graduates for enrollment in secondary special and professional institutions. Moreover, they tried hard to make sure that the children make their choice independently. With this in mind, special activities have been carried out with ninth-graders by form masters, school psychologists and specialists in vocational guidance. Excursions to industrial enterprises, colleges and lyceums have been organized for school children and explanatory work has been carried out among their parents to explain the importance of independent choice of occupation.

Three opinion polls have been conducted among school children during the academic year to find out their preferences in choosing their future professions and place of their study. The results are as follows: 42870 persons (9%) want to continue their education at academic lyceums and 433738 (91%) – at professional colleges. 

“The choice of future profession still remains the most difficult problem for the school children. Many of them couldn’t make a choice in the course of all three polls and every time named different professions and occupations; but in their applications for enrollment – they selected and market still a completely different speciality. Nevertheless, the number of those who already in the ninth form realize who they would like to become in the future, keeps increasing,” says director of the Republic Center of professional orientation and psychological-pedagogical diagnosis of children Kamol Gofurov. “

“There still sustains a problem of popular educational establishments, which will check the school graduates’ enrollment tests. However, there are practically no colleges and lyceums left, where tests were conducted in all directions and professions. This is an evidence that the work carried out on the improvement of professional orientation of school children produces its positive results. The most popular professions that are in demand among graduates are related to medicine and pedagogics. In addition, it is obvious that the children change their attitude to production and working specialities, since there are more and more of them who wish to work in those directions.”

All data on every graduate as well as information on his/her preferences are entered into the e-maktab (e-school) electronic data base. It enables to monitor the graduates’ progress and it reflects          the status of every graduate. Thus, the educational system employees have the opportunity to timely come to every graduate’s assistance under any circumstance. This is rather important, because there should be no graduate left overboard, every one of them should get a quality professional education.

Preparation for enrollment of ninth-formers           to professional colleges and academic lyceums has been practically completed. They are awaited also at the consulting centers. And now they still have time, and soon the school graduates will face the final attestation tests.

Namely these centers will turn into that very point, where after receiving certificates on the basic school education the graduates will bid farewell to their school form masters, while pedagogical staff of secondary special professional institutions will get acquainted with their future freshmen.

The youths and girls will have an opportunity to work hard within the next three years to be able to enroll into higher educational institutions or dedicate themselves to professional activity.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)