27/07/10 - Home-Grown Team Demonstrates Academic Excellence

posted 2 May 2012, 05:12 by Doston Omonov   [ updated 2 May 2012, 05:30 ]
Uzbek students present superior knowledge in international competition
The national team of Uzbekistan returned from Astana, Kazakhstan, where they attended the 51st International Competition in Mathematics with best results ever for the whole history of the country’s participation in this prestigious intellectual youths’ competition. The collection of trophies includes one bronze and four silver medals and the honorable mention diploma.
Names of students from the academic lyceum №1 under the Samarqand Economy and Service Institute Zafar Abdurakhimov, Ibrohimbek Akromov, Zarif Ibrohimov and Umida Juraeva were among the silver medal winners announced in the closing ceremony of the competition. Azizkhon Nazarov, student of the specialized school № 52 of Qorako’l district of Bukhoro region was announced among the bronze medal winners. The honorable mention diploma was presented to Jasurbek Bakhromov, student of the professional college for light industry from Boyovut district of Sirdaryo region. The victory came hard since 517 strongest young mathematicians from 96 countries took part in the competition. 
The next success of Uzbek students in the international competition was commented by the chief specialist of the Center for Secondary Special and Professional Education Murat Shorakhimov: “This is the result of a good training and goal-mindedness of all participants of the national team. There is a significant merit of pedagogical teams of our schools, pedagogical colleges and academic lyceums, and certainly good training of students before the competition. We attracted young teachers to this activity who won high awards in international competitions while being students.”
The World Competition in Mathematics is the fourth international competition with participation of the national team of Uzbekistan. our students worthily represented their country in the Jautikov’s International Competition in Mathematics and Physics, Mendeleev’s International Competition in Chemistry and World Competition in Biology.