20/12/10 - Namangan Youths Throw Housewarming Party - Moving to a new youth center

posted 2 May 2012, 05:12 by Doston Omonov   [ updated 2 May 2012, 05:34 ]

On the threshold of a new year, youth of Namangan have received a wonderful gift, a new Youth Center, built in compliance with the national program, the Year of Comprehensively Advanced Generation. This magnificent palace that has become a true adornment of the city provides all the conditions for improvement of the sociopolitical activity of the youth, expansion of their worldview, intellectual and creative development, promotion of physical advancement, and training new professions.

The Youth Center has become another proof of the noble work being done in our country for the education of the younger generation. This is understandable, because young people are the driving force to determine our present and our future. The protection of the rights and interests of the young generation, their harmonious upbringing in the spirit of devotion to the ideas of national independence are among the priorities of national policy. And the results of care and attention are manifested in the successes and achievements of the country’s youths in science, sports, arts, business and other spheres.

The new center has created greater opportunities for the development of young people. There is a school of excellence featuring sixteen groups and clubs, i.e. architecture and design, “Master-Pupil”, “Foreign languages”, “Young journalists”, “National musical instruments”, photography, “Young entrepreneurs”, “Creative Youth” and others. Here everyone can enrich his or her knowledge, demonstrate abilities, obtain information on the chosen topic. And there is an auditorium for 400 people or conference hall for 50 seats for any spiritual and educational activities or film shows. One hall is designed for various exhibitions.

The center will also have the marriage registration departments, “Fundamentals of a healthy life”, information-resource department with access to the Internet, and a gym for more than a hundred people to do various sports.