15/03/10 - Comprehensively Advanced Generation is Our Future

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12.03.2010 11:08

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov chaired the session of the Trusteeship Council of Children’s Sports Development Fund, at Oqsaroy on March 10.

The head of state stressed the need for comprehensive analysis of the Fund’s activity in 2009 and for outlining priorities for its coming work.

Upbringing the comprehensively advanced generation is the greatest goal of the people of Uzbekistan who strongly believe in the bright future. No matter which development goals are set by the country, seeing our children grow physically and morally healthy is the basis of all achievements, the President said.

Over the years of Uzbekistan’s independence, a huge work has been implemented in this direction. The National Professionals Preparation Program, acknowledged worldwide as the Uzbek model of continuous education, is the basis for solution of the long-term tasks.

Comprehensively advanced generation is, first of all, healthy children. This is why in the past years the particular attention was paid to forming high intellectual potential, independent thinking, development of mass sports and construction of modern sports complexes in all regions.

In October 2002 the head of the state signed a decree on the creation of the Children’s Sports Development Fund, followed by the President’s decree on measures to expand the activities of this fund of August 2004.

Speaking about the tasks of the fund, Islam Karimov said no country in the world has such an organization. The Children’s Sports Development Fund is a unique structure, and a number of countries have been studying the results of its activity as a valuable experience. The head of the state highlighted the successful work in construction of sports complexes and school gyms and their provision with modern equipment, and touched upon other aspects of the children’s sports development.

“The sport helps young people become physically strong and healthy, comprehensively developed and independent persons. The sport serves as a certain basis for the formation of the healthy atmosphere in the family and the society. Moreover, it creates opportunities for the further growth of the image of Uzbekistan on the international arena,” Islam Karimov said.

At the meeting of the fund’s Trusteeship Council on 16 January 2009, tasks were set for creation of the single system of evaluation of the quality of the domestically-produced sports equipment, increasing the number of producers, reconsideration of the norms of equipment of the sports complexes according to world standards and their efficient use. These tasks were thoroughly analyzed at the session in Oqsaroy.

“Proclaiming 2010 the Year of Comprehensively Advanced Generation, we had set the goal to create al required opportunities and conditions for the comprehensive development of our children. Construction of sports objects helps attract more children to sports and healthy lifestyle,” Islam Karimov noted. The State Program “Year of Comprehensively Advanced Generation” for 2010 pays a special attention to the continuation of the work carried out in the physical training and sports field, in particular, development of children’s sports, construction of modern sports objects in the cities and villages, and providing them with equipment and qualified trainers.

An important aspect is that the more the young people are interested in sports, the more they strive to achieve high results. Looking at sportsmen returning from the competitions with victory, the boys and girls feel proud for these sportsmen and at the same time want to achieve similar and higher results. “The sport is one of the effective instruments having a decisive importance in upbringing the youth and protecting it from various evils,” the President continued. “The young people who go in for sports have good health, clear thinking and understand the importance of the healthy lifestyle in the family.”

In accordance with the President’s resolution of 12 December 2007 on approving the budget of the Children’s Sports Development Fund for 2008, a list of the required equipment for the sports complexes and school gyms built in 2008-2009 was approved. All of them were provided with the equipment. 

In 2009, 174 school gyms were built across the country. Since the fund’s creation in 2003, gyms were opened at 674 schools. Over this period, 178 separate children’s sports objects were commissioned. 

“Our country has gained a rich experience in constructing sports objects. The life has proved the correctness of the way we had chosen. But how effectively are the sports objects used? This question should always be in the center of our attention,” the head of the state stressed. 

In 2003-2009, 1,123 sports complexes were raised in Uzbekistan, including 922 in rural areas. It is important to provide all of them with sporting equipment. The enterprises producing such equipment should be supported, Islam Karimov said. 

The work carried out in this area in the recent years has produced positive results. If last year Uzbek companies produced 73 of 120 required types of equipment for children’s sports objects, today they produce 113 types. 

Such sports as futsal, rhythmic gymnastics, kayak and canoe racing, boxing, freestyle and Greek-Roma wrestling and others have been developing in Uzbekistan. If back in 2003 children were trained in 8 kinds of sports, now the level of equipment of sports complexes allows training them in more than 20 kinds of sports. 

The three-level system of mass attraction of the young people to sports – Umid Nihollari and Barkamol Avlod competitions, as well as the Universiad, which form an integral and important part of the National Professionals Preparation Program – helps prepare self-sacrificing sportsmen who spare no strength and energy in fight for the honor of the country. 

The motto “Uzbekistan is a country with a great future” includes, among other aspects, development of sports and children’s sports in particular, the President said. 

“There is no doubt that natural riches, economic potential, achievements in state and social construction are the basis of the great future. At the same time, there is another factor of the great future, which is the health of the young generation and its physical and moral development,” Islam Karimov underlined. 

At the 15th World Boxing Championship in Milan in September 2009, in which 554 athletes from 133 countries took part, Uzbek boxers won one gold, one silver and two bronze medals, occupying the third place in the team competition. Our famous boxer Abbos Atoyev became the twice world champion. 

The performance of the Uzbek football youth team at the world championship in Egypt also deserves attention, as well as gold, silver and bronze medals at freestyle and Greek-Roman wrestling world championship in Denmark, and 9 gold, 10 silver and 8 bronze medals at the kayak and canoe Asian championship in Tehran. 

Various sports events organized in the regions play an important role in the harmonious development of the children of Uzbekistan. The achieved results show that the young people are particularly interested in football, indoor football, tennis, swimming, kayak and canoe racing, boat racing, chess, rhythmic gymnastics, kurash, belbogli kurash, greek-Roman wrestling, boxing and acrobatics. 

“Over the past years, based on the “Healthy mother- healthy child” program, wide-scale reforms have been developed and implemented,” Islam Karimov said. “Diagnostics, screening and perinatal centers, new maternity hospitals have been built, particular attention has been paid to the health of the mothers and children. All of this contributes to upbringing healthy generation.” 

The head of the state underlined the importance of the special approach towards attraction of girls to sports. Such elegant types of sports as rhythmic and sports gymnastics have been actively developing in the recent years. Uzbek sportsmen showed high results at the rhythmic gymnastics Asian championship held in Tashkent in February 2010. 

The development of the children’s sports, and creation of the necessary conditions for the girls’ going in for sports, especially in rural areas, requires constant attention, the President emphasized. 

The meeting participants also considered the activities planned for the current year in the framework of the State program for improvement of activity of the children’s music and arts schools in 2009-2014. It was noted that in 2010, 11 new sports objects and 14 children’s music and arts schools would be built, in addition to 40 school gyms. 

Islam Karimov underlined that this year UZS 36 billion would be allocated for the construction, reconstruction and capital repairs of the music and arts schools. 

“Sports and music are closely linked to each other. The sport trains the body and strengthens willpower, while music clears the soul and ennobles the heart. Sport is culture. It is great if a sportsman is interested in music and a musician in sport,” the President said. 

Vice Prime Ministers Abdulla Aripov and Botir Khodjayev, as well as heads of a number of regional administrations presented reports on the considered issues. 

The Trusteeship Council adopted corresponding decisions on the considered issues.