14/05/10 - An Enlightenment Center throughout Ages

posted 2 May 2012, 05:12 by Doston Omonov   [ updated 2 May 2012, 05:26 ]

Bukhoro has remained so these days.
Young people from Bukhoro can be met in all higher education institutions of the country. Boys and girls from other regions come to study to Bukhoro at such venues as State University, Institute of Technology for Light and Food Industry, and Medical Institute. 
Among the oldest in the country
Bukhoro State University, one of the most aged in the republic, celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. Nowadays it is not only teachers that are trained, as it was the case 18 years ago when the university was founded on the basis of a pedagogical institute, but also psychologists, sociologists, economists as well as specialists for the agrarian sector and tourism industry.  
Profound and deep knowledge remains a stable indicator throughout the university’s activity. This is a result of strict discipline and high proficiency of teachers, experts note. Tutors try to provide students with broad opportunities for the comprehensive training on the chosen specialty, to burn a desire for the profound study in them. The young people are demonstrated high outcome that can be achieved by applying a creative approach. 
Unique training laboratories and centers founded in the process of students and teachers’ scientific and research activity are broadly used. A planetarium and mini-observatory were established there. Biologists opened the zoological museum that collected all representatives of the animal kingdom of Bukhoro region. The botanical scientific-practical ground gathered over a hundred of various pants from all parts of the world. 
The staff learned effective solution of many economic issues related to raising the training quality over the years of the market economy. Thus, they established the entrepreneurship center under the university several years ago to strengthen the material and technical base. By the present time they have renewed almost all furniture in the classrooms for 100 seats equipped with latest computers, established a computer center, and opened a minimum of two computer rooms in each department. Other universities of the country take interest in this experience. 

Training the specialists in demand 
The Bukhoro Institute of Technology for Light and Food Industry started training specialists for oil and gas sector and architects within the learning development and improvement.  
Incidentally the majority of students coming to Bukhoro from other regions study at this institute. Many of them study in specialties related to the food and oil and gas industry. 
The institute started training architects and builders two years ago. This solution grounds on the availability of numerous architectural monuments and traditions in the town building sector. In short, there are all conditions for young people to learn the refinements of creating the complicated architectural structures by real examples. Such specialists are required for both building new utility all over the republic and preserving the architectural heritage of tourism gems of Uzbekistan. 
According to students, the study in the light industry specialties is interesting. They learn how to design new garment models taking into account the natural and climatic peculiarities and work specifics in different professions. The teachers and students’ proposals are in the permanent demand in the market. 
Besides, Bukhoro Institute of Technology is known for its publishing activity. The teaching staff developed and issued 180 textbooks, learning aids and other literature for academic lyceums and professional colleges of the republic over the last three years. The majority of them are on professional disciplines. This is one of the highest results of the publishing activity among the higher education institutions. Most importantly, the textbooks’ content is of high elaborating quality to provide an easy comprehension. 

Physicians in Avicenna’s birthplace 
The State Medical Institute is the youngest higher education establishment in Bukhoro region. It was founded in 1991. The 2010 will enter its history as the year of launching the magistracy for training single-functioned specialists. 
This displays rise and strengthening of the institute, its ability to provide a high training quality on the foremost turn of science. The Bukhoro State Medical Institute hosted an international conference in 2006 and brought together morphologists from over 20 countries. The theoretical conferences with participation of a student scientific community have turned into tradition. Thus, the last conference this April covered topical medicine reports. 
The institute disposes a rich information and resource center provided with national and foreign literature as well as compact disks with electronic textbooks and video films. Incidentally, many learning films were created by the institute’s staff. Video conferences are quite effective as well: Bukhoro students communicate with student and specialist communities from other medical universities and centers of the country. The high training quality is also achieved thanks to the operation of clinical bases of the institute’s departments locating in the leading medical establishments in the region. 
The upgrade process is continued in the institute. Very soon it is projected to start the construction of new model units and a clinic. This will arrange some additional opportunities for the training process and scientific activity of teachers and students.