05/03/10 - Youth Journalism in the Spotlight - Focusing on professional excellence

posted 2 May 2012, 05:12 by Doston Omonov   [ updated 2 May 2012, 05:21 ]
Feruza Niyozova
Young journalists are attached an extraordinary priority these days around. An encouraging environment is being arranged for their fruitful activity. Youth studios have been instituted at the regional centers of Kelajak Ovozi on the basis of local TV and radio stations. Students from various educational establishments acquire practical journalist skills there. New studios with all necessary technical facilities were built for them with the support of local nongovernmental television stations. Seminar trainings and media forums are held to enhance quality of youth programs.

The National Association of Electronic Mass Media of Uzbekistan (NAEMM) together with the Fund Forum, Kelajak Ovozi and Kamolot have organized a seminar training within the government program of the Year of Comprehensively Advanced Generation. About 50 young presenters, cameramen and film editors representing youth studios from all regions of Uzbekistan took part in the training. It aimed at teaching of making social videos and author’s programs. They focused on the close-up exposure with its bright emotions.  

The seminar participants were prepared a very rich program. Renowned directors were invited as trainers to tell about the whole nicety of making social videos and commercials. Lola Zununova from Yoshlar TV and radio channel of the National TV and Radio Company, Bakhtiyor Turakhanov from NTT, Shakhnoza Ghanieva from TV Markaz were among them. 

On first days the participants divided into groups and worked on special tasks, such as making the video on children’s rights or the author’s program. Young journalists shot videos about activities supporting the youth creativity development in 12 establishments, including children’s creativity centers and Kelajak Ovozi.

“I was astonished at the creative thinking of young journalists,” commented Bakhtiyor Turakhanov, the chief trainer at the seminar. “They have very special ideas in spite of their young age. Though, they lack some knowledge and skills. That is why this training was organized: we aimed at assisting young journalists in becoming the real professionals.”

“It is very important that we can tell our peers about the life of youth in accessible and understandable way. We are young, we have much in common and therefore we easily understand each other,” says Nargiza Ahmatova, the journalist from the Samarkand youth TV studio. “Of course, our programs should be made in a quality and professional way. For that a journalist should be able to combine the tasks of both cameraman and director. He should combine numerous professional characteristics. In the course of the seminar we acquired some necessary knowledge to advance our proficiency and learned various methods of interactive interviewing. Having returned to Samarqand we will work on raising the level and quality of the youth journalism using all skills we have acquired at this seminar.”

“We have been taught making programs and commercials correctly by representatives of the governmental and nongovernmental TV and radio companies during a week,” said  Inomjon Masharipov, cameraman and film editor of the Kelajak Ovozi studio and To’rtko’l youth studio of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. “The professionals noted many times that a program would fail if there is no cohesion within the team. A journalist, cameraman, director and light specialist should work bodily. Only in this union they can create a quality product taking into consideration that now we have all necessary conditions for the fruitful activity. We use modern facilities in excellently equipped studios. We are expected to work professionally. This is what this seminar provided us with.” 

“It would be no exaggeration to say that this week spent in the company with TV masters was the best experience for each of us,” shared Elnura Tojiboeva, journalist at a youth studio in Andijon. “We learned not only theory but also had an opportunity of practicing it in the seminar. We were to make 10-minute programs covering the course of the implementation of the State program the Year of Harmoniously Developed Generation. In our programs we told about the scaled building of various structures for youth, including colleges, lyceums, sports stadiums, creativity houses and many other things. We made all that to tell and show out peers the measures taken by the state for their comprehensive development.”

After filming the participants demonstrated their videos at the seminar and then assessed each other’s works pointing at all right and wrong sides. At the end of the discussion they selected the best stories ranking the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively in children’s and adult’s categories. They will be shown on the NTT channel on 7 March –International Day for Children’s TV and Radio Broadcasting. It is notable that this holiday was announced by the representatives of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Cannes in April, 1994. Thousands of TV and radio presenters in over a hundred countries take part in this event’s program to celebrate its uniqueness and festivity.

“NTT is also intending to join this action this year, which was announced the Year of Harmoniously Developed Generation,” said Farid Sharapov, director of the NTT TV and radio channel. “A great diversity of events is held in the republic every year to support the creative youth, and journalists in particular. This activity has intensified this year, and the stories made during the training demonstrate that. Broadcasting these stories on our channel we will tell the broad community, including the foreign audience, about the life of the youth in Uzbekistan, its creative progresses and the conditions arranged for the development of its talents.”